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  • The Wire, in the middle of season 2. The dock worker and harbor patrol stuff was boring me. I know I need to go back and will, hard to find the time with all the current shows I am watching.;
  • JaimieT said: Barry! Between this and Succession I think we might have voted exactly the same @JaimieT
  • Ok, I have submitted mine. You can close the voting now.
  • This is the kind of show I have to really show restraint and am glad its not on Netlifx or something because I would binge this in a couple days lol. I did not want to stop watching after episode 2 last night.
  • awookiee said: Here's a question for everybody that I don't think ever got answered.  What the hell did Whiterose show Angela in that same room Elliot was in before the reactor blew up?  After she left that room she was clearly a different pe…
  • Hunkulese said: One minor complaint is we never found out what Whiterose's machine did. Also, how often was real Elliott awake? Mr. Robot and Darlene made it seem like the Mastermind had him stuck in the loop for pretty much the entirety of …
  • I about died listening to the podcast, "HEY I'M HORNY OVER HERE"  . I audibly laughed in a quiet work setting.
  • I used to wear a watch. Nothing fancy but then I started wearing a Fitbit and thought I looked a little silly wearing 2 watches so just the Fitbit now.
  • Not sure if this is considered under the radar but maybe in U.S., Peaky Blinders. Really like how each season is 6 episodes too. Makes each season a nice concise, cohesive story. And the dialogue and writing is some of the best on TV right now.
  • That episode hit like a ton of bricks. Wow. Where do we go from here?
  • Just saw The Lighthouse recently and the dude has some serious acting chops. I have no concerns with him playing Batman but still needs a good story to work with. Also really excited to see him in the new Christopher Nolan film with John David Washi…
  • Doctor_Nick said: I see a lot of Reddit posts about Logan planning this to go either way for Kendall to show he was capable of taking over or to take the fall. But there's no way a COO who was complicit in a coverup is going to be the CEO in …
  • Might I suggest a movie called Satan's Slaves. Its an Indonesian horror film and one of the best horror movies I watched last year. 93% on Rotten Tomatoes as well. 
  • Chiefs 16-0 every season until Mahomes retires.
  • I never finished it. Think I have the last couple episodes left. I didn't think it was bad but got sidetracked with other shows and forgot about it. To be honest, not real interested in going back and finishing it.
  • awookiee said: Damn the ending to that episode.  I feel horrible for Fez and Ashtray, Fez was just trying to help out his "family" but definitely went about it the wrong way.  Someone as power hungry and has the ability to back it up as Nate …
  • On the podcast the guys were talking about how he said he would stop making films after his 10th and this was his 9th, which I think technically is right. But Kill Bill was split into a volume 1 and 2. So I am not sure if that counts as 1 film or 2,…
  • I had no idea this dropped today, thanks for the heads up! Love this show.
  • The series is so well done and the performances are great. Ava DuVernay tells the story in such a powerful and emotional way. I watched the Ken Burns documentary shortly after it came out but this series is a whole different beast. It can be heartbr…
  • Rocketman was a lot of fun. Great musical numbers, really good acting, and even broke my heart at times. I didn’t realize how lonely he felt a lot of the time and the rejection he felt. Glad he finally found happiness. 
  • That movie was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. 13 years later and they didn’t miss a beat. Thank you David Milch.
  • awookiee said: Just got out of Brightburn and thought it was so-so at best. Relies too much on jump scares and takes too long to get into it. Watching the movie I knew the dad from some other movie but couldn't figure it out. Jumped on IMDB a…
  • Booksmart might be the best movie I've seen this year. Hard to believe it was Olivia Wilde's directorial debut, what a great job she did. There aren't any huge names in the movie but the entire cast did A+ work. And the 2 leads were just phenomenal …