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  • I heard good things about episode 3. I might just watch a stream of the game once it's completely out. I played the first few episodes of the walking dead game and couldn't get into the gameplay even though I liked the story
  • Nintendo Switch is a day-1 purchase for me. I have a pretty long commute where I spend the majority of my time on a train so playing full console games would be amazing. I game primarily on PS4 now but once Switch is out, I'll be getting the Switch …
  • Rebirth definitely got me back into reading comics regularly. I got the big Rebirth issue and all the subsequent character one-shots. Following that, I follow all the Superman-related books (Action comics, Superman, Supergirl/woman, Justice League).
  • I've heard good things about Downcast also.  I'll try them as soon as I see another issue with PC.  Manually resubscribing to all the feeds was a pain and now that I'm authenticating using the URL, I'm wondering if it'll break again if I ever change…
  • Your mileage may vary but I've had luck fixing this by removing the affected feeds and re-adding them through the pocketcasts web app (this is a not-super-cheap separate purchase although I think there's a trial).  I had to add them with the insecur…
  • I finally took the time to get this working again but I'm also keeping some of the non-ad-free ones because I think the ads might be funny if they ever do some. Hi @akritenbrink How'd you get it working again?  Unfortunately, I haven't had any luck…
  • PocketCasts updated their iOS app today but the issue is still happening to me. I wasn't shocked as I figured it was more of a back end issue on their end and not something wrong with the app itself but didn't hurt to try.
  • Thanks everyone.  I guess I'll wait for PocketCasts to resolve it.  Unfortunately, putting my credentials in the URL didn't work either
  • Thanks guys. Quick follow up question for you.  When you subscribe to an ad-free feed in PocketCasts, did it ever ask you to authenticate with your Bald Move credentials?  In the past, I just put the URL in and PocketCasts immediately subscribed wit…
  • I'm wondering if there was a change on the Bald Move backend that has to do with authentication of the ad free feeds?  PocketCasts never asked for my Bald Move credentials when I subscribed to ad free feeds and now, I just unsubscribed and tried to …
  • I use PocketCasts. I actually found the ad-free URLs (I'd forgotten they were under "My Account" when you log into Bald Move).  The weird thing, though, is that PocketCasts isn't showing the new episodes for any Bald Move shows.  For instance, Watch…