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  • They seem to hit out of the park on every other movie. So hopefully this will be amazing. Having Ralph Fiennes back with Craig will make for some awesome chemistry I am sure. Its hard to believe the same director for Skyfall did Spectre. 
  • It'd have reached stellar level if they could have whittled everything down to 6-8 episodes. As it stands, it is just like other Marvel Netflix shows. Really bloated, with tons of filler that brings the entire season down. 
  • I would reccomend Until Dawn, just FYI. Would be fun to see them play. Yeah, this has been mentioned in another thread and I agree x 10000. It would be fantastic for a Halloween subcriber-benefit. It also would probably be a quicker play-through tha…
  • It's funny one of the things that always bugs me about these shows is the location. They hammer home the location, over and over – Hell's Kitchen, Harlem, New York. But the location never feels authentic, it feels like a generic city. Any one have t…
  • How cool! Thanks for posting! 
  • Bald Move's third employee? What? You guys said you were planning on hiring. 
  • On Netflix: "Halt and Catch Fire" is well worth your time, and gets better the deeper you go. I just finished "Ozark" and really enjoyed it. On Amazon: My last very good binge was "I Love Dick". "Catastrophe" is fantastic and "Fleabag" is good, but…
  • Hey all, a new podcast just dropped titled, "The Celtic Holocaust." Just thought I'd throw that on everyone's radar. 
  • That Tyrion "brooding over failing over brooding" had me in stitches. 
  • @Frakkin T I don't know if this caught your eye... Maybe there will be some hints at Derry. We shall see. I agree about the interludes though. I think they will be discussed as the kids delve into the history of Derry. But probably not shown. I just…
  • Edit: Oops, @Hatorian beat me to it. Sorry my Glip Glops. 
  • Since there are some hardcore King fans here, what's the opinion so far on the IT trailers? I am seriously looking forward to it. I think the trailers have had a really amazing, sinister tone. The director did that movie, Mama, a couple years back,…
  • Dang. Cool. Thanks for posting that. 
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  • All of the after credits are awesome. My favourites are Jerry eating The Eye hole cereal and getting his ass beat by the eyehole guy and the DMX roided up Summer and rick kicking the racists and douche bags asses. DMX is great, but I also love…
  • This was pretty cool to read through. Holy shit. Thanks!
  • I settled on Hinterland for now. So you started a thread asking for show recommendations, a bunch of people responded,  and then didn't take any of those recommendations? Edit: sorry this was really  snarky. I didn't mean to come across like jack-as…
  • Haven't seen the movie, haven't read the books. But I am a pretty big King fan outside of The Dark Tower series. I just thought I'd point out something in the podcast...The guys were asking about why "shining" was mentioned in The Dark Tower. I have…
  • I will forever pimp out Community to people. That show is like a comfort blanket to me. 
  • @Chinaski Thats been shelved into due to a ton of issues regarding the rights of the show. It seems like a pretty big mess and it doesn't even look like it'll be happening. Its too bad, I was an insanely big fan of the HBO show (I'm even in the bac…
  • Guys, try Googling "wubba lubba dub dub" Or I will just make it easy on everyone...
  • I wrote it down to use as the subject line for if I ever resign from my job. I wrote it down at the bottom of all my resume's cover letters.  Good luck with your job search. Thanks and fuck you. 
  • I wrote it down to use as the subject line for if I ever resign from my job. I wrote it down at the bottom of all my resume's cover letters. 
  • getting a Coen brothers vibe.. The Yellow King from True Detective!