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  • Then you got people outright calling AOC raising money for Texas as a publicity stunt etc even though she's raised 3mil+. These people are mentally sick.  Publicity stunt or not she did more than Cruz, Abbott, any Texas politician. 
  • Schlupp said: @aki Do you believe that Alison rumored her husband to fall in love with her? I like to think she did despite her denial which gives her a darker touch. Don't think so, think she learned her lesson with her first husband and…
  • My mom and I took a picture with Jackie Chan holding me when I was a baby.  There's a photo of us in some old boxes somewhere.
  • I like the cinematography...looks super slick and I really enjoy the soundtrack of both seasons; especially the Swedish version of Adele's "Hello" this season was hilarious.  But I definitely enjoy the story of The Boys more than Umbrella.  Story-wi…
  • I once saw and met Jason David Frank (Tommy Green Power Ranger) at a Dave and Busters. He was playing Time Crisis with his friends.
  • Been rewatching Burn Notice which is on Amazon Prime right now.
  • Travis said: ken hale said: rkcrawf said: Community. Just started watching last month. On S2. Easily one of my fav comedies. It strikes me as a good blend of Arrested Development, The Office, and just enough flawed characters (S…
  • AppleTV+ is really doo doo compared to HBO max.  There aren't enough original material on AppleTV+ let along content that I like.
  • cdrive said: Petrol Station permanently closing in my neighborhood was a real serious gut punch.  Was my favorite bar.  Luckily the owner's brewery Brash has it's head above water still, but for how long?  Over 5,000+ cases in TX the last 24 …
  • fidoz said: The Trump boot licking governor of Texas just announced everyone should wear a mask when going out because as he put it the unacceptable rising number of covid cases in Texas. I wonder if the MAGAts will repurpose their racist mem…
  • JaimieT said: It's a great time to be single, have no children and hate your family! Introverts unite! I'm all of the above except I don't hate my family but they live half way across the country.
  • Bon Apetite channel is nice if you like cooking/food stuff. And Aron recommendation of Jenny Nicholson. She's fun.
  • As long as you got a good viewing distance there's not much trouble a large screen would have that a smaller screen wouldn't have.  I had a 75" and I sat around 8-10 feet away and it never felt too large. 
  • "You should have left" that new Kevin Bacon movie that came out last Thursday.   Went in expecting a horror movie but it's not scary at all.  It's all suspense and pyschological.  Story was ok but very predictable.  I don't regret watching it but I…