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  • God. The American landscape today doesn't look all that different from the nightmare depicted in American Horror Story this week.
  • This episode turned it all around for me. It was definitely the best of the season, topping last week's in my opinion. I was actually spooked watching this. It's really fun to see the "real" ghosts show up. They truly are creepy. I'm going to guess …
  • Don't let us down Murphy!
  • Forgive me if someone has already said this: Doesn't it seem like Bernard left that photograph that Abernathy found? He left the gun there in what seemed like the same place for Delores to find. Was he trying to force some kind of mental break? Coul…
  • Nolan specifically says the guests are of the 21st century and they talk about how some of the AI stuff has already started to happen. This was in one of the Extras (The Reality of AI). So we have a basic idea of the time period. 
  • Also, I think A Ron and Cecily are right. There is something wrong with that girl Flora. She seems simple or something. Either that or she is the calmest kid ever. At least, she showed some appropriate fear in this episode. 
  • This season seems like it has mostly been running. Run from the guy with the pig head. Run around in the woods. Run away in your car. This episode was ALL running.  I did enjoy the Mott character. Who knew? Evan Peters can pull off a colonial wig. T…
  • I do wonder with the whole documentary thing if Matt and Shelby are doing it for the money to get out of the house or recoup their losses on it. They may even be telling one version of events that seems empty headed and gauche, but is actually them …
  • I really liked this first episode. They haven't overdone it or over-explained it into absurdity just yet. There is a lot of tension, some good jump out and scare you moments, and a whole lot of the eery. Eventually, I'm sure we'll get there. There's…
  • Hey guys, huge fan! Two things: first off, Priscilla cannot be part of the colonists or Wes Bentley's daughter as Cricket says she was born (or maybe died, I cannot remember) in 18-something, whereas the colonists were much earlier - unless Ryan Mur…
  • Continuing on with the morality thread, I think it may have more to do with the moral, psychological impact on the flesh and blood humans and society as a whole. When you can rape and kill someone that appears completely real at the point where West…