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  • KG is my fav Top Chef chef.  We got to go to his Woodfire Grill in ATL and saw him deep in his process in the kitchen on the way out.
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  • Anyone else ever see Coherence?  If you liked this episode and movies like Primer, which Jim and A.Ron have mentioned multiple times, you should check out Coherence.  
  • Outro music in the after credits scene could have been Cheap Trick - I want you to want me.
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! THAT'S what Ozzymandius is reading in his jail cell!  I couldn't see too well when I saw it and I thought it said "Fundraising"  So then of course I was like "What the fuck is so lonely about fundraising?!?! What is Lindelof trying t…
  • This episode was eggsellent.  I really like the idea that Will Reeves eats Dr. M's powers.  I'm feeling that.  Also I think Agent Dale Petey is Lube Man and I feel like it will play some crucial point in the Finale. “We're all puppets, Laurie. I'm…
  • My new hat was wild during Laser Tag this weekend. Had to represent the S.W.A.T.  My kids had to put up with this Christmas crank but I demanded they wait to decorate the tree until I bought 600 more lights and now you can see this tree from outer s…
  • Had to get some seafood gumbo yesterday in the French Quarter for lunch yesterday. That’s a whole damn crab in there, just half is submerged.  With half a dozen raw oysters on the side, c’mon now!
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  • This one is raised for you @Freddy. A few weeks back at Carmine’s in Chicago the grizzled bartender said “Never heard of it” when I asked if he could do a Vieux Carre.  Not a problem at all at the Carousel Bar here in the French Quarter!  To the OG!…
  • Dee said: Chinaski said: perfect weather for tomato basil bisque soup and a grilled cheese. comforting to the max! You joined the tomato soup grilled cheese mafia!  Yesshh 
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  • We are here now......this is us.
  • Heads up..... I am not a bot, but I just wanted to share that I did finally find Watchmen Vol 1 at the DC Online Store.…
  • CapeGabe said: I guess it's better than the letterman jackets. What is with that team being more interested in playing dressup than being good at football?  They’re the fake ass oilers. Those letterman jackets were a curse!  This new tunne…
  • Ooh last night with the debut of the H-Town NASA jerseys and Harden drops 60 in 30 minutes.  Goodness. That guy is a bucket. 
  • I love this shit. First they did mortal kombat now this: Let’s go, fake ass oilers! That whole team got the flu! 
  • Hatorian said: cdrive said: It was fun. There was a little bit of Isle of the Lotus Eaters going on here with the good life and skoptcha and thirsty widow.  A mini battle / save the day episode. He realizes he can’t settle down or let …
  • It was fun. There was a little bit of Isle of the Lotus Eaters going on here with the good life and skoptcha and thirsty widow.  A mini battle / save the day episode. He realizes he can’t settle down or let the “kid” settle down. Was that really Xen…
  • ^This is me: said: Sorry @cdrive, but this was too funny not to post:
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  • ^ *new release of old polvo I should say.  But it's nice to hear those tracks cleaned up. 
  • CapeGabe said: It's funny, I was going to start a thread a few days ago asking if the forum was slowing down again. We need something like a local news station's weather forecast map, the Bald Move Forum Boner Pill Alert Meter.
  • I’m still deep down the rabbit hole about W.e I.ntend T.o C.ause H.avoc  Dude’s middle name / nickname was “Jagari”, ‘Zambian’ for Mick Jagger!   There’s a documentary coming out about them.  Government curfews kinda broke up the band. They toured…
  • No idea my brother. Just here for today and tomorrow but I can say it gets DARK at night. I bet HS football is the big attraction for locals. There are some theaters and bowling alleys.  ....just did a quick search. Well you taught me something. Yea…
  • I can’t help but recognize the Pedro Pascal in everyone of his lines. I love it. He’s doing a great job of conveying this character.   Also that’s the worst idea ever! To have your precious metal currency then forged into your armor for all the kill…
  • ^same! the little teaser trailer with ODB free-styling has been stuck in my head for a few months now.  edit:  This one....all over the Face Books....
  • They’ve been killing it with the music. I really liked the crazy jazz paired with the crashing and fight scenes.  And ending with “Living in the past” by WITCH.  \m/ 
  • ^ also Goran Pazar in Barry.  Nice pull with Errol Childress!
  • Next On:  ONLY THREE EPISODES LEFT Audience: Make them Hooded Justice 
  • Like why post 1 post when you can post 2 posts?! 
  • JaimieT said: cdrive said: Haha look at y’all LPOTL weird fucks in Bald Move. Actually a Brazilian Bald Move member here put me on those guys.  I'm still onto you being taken over by a spam bot  Hey I’m just trying to get my po…