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  • Alexis said: Turnips are at 488 on my island if anyone’s still in the turnip game.  Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who came by! It warms a hermit’s heart. You were all lovely and you totally made my morning.
  • Turnips are at 488 on my island if anyone’s still in the turnip game. Dodo code: 40GRM The updates are really cute! Not sure how long they’ll actually extend my enjoyment of the game, but it’s nice to see new stuff. Pascal is the best little stoner…
  • Cecily said: Hahah@JaimieT inspired me to make some Bald Move QR codes YOU’RE SO GOOD AT ANIMAL CROSSING!  I literally just figured out today that if you dig a hole first you can plant things more accurately. You know, like in real life? …
  • My island is basic and my schedule isn’t even a little reliable, but if I ever feel like opening up my gates to apple thieves I’ll let y’all know. I’m weeks away from terraforming.
  • Cecily said: Anyone have rare flowers?  I have hyacinths, windflowers, tulips, and pansies.  I'm looking to expand my garden.  Also, I have *all* fruits now if anyone needs anything. Secondly, I am throwing @alexisonpaper to the wolves by sa…
  • Tomalexwhitham said: Just in response to Cecily & Alexis’s question about what Brits call a ‘boot’ (I’d never heard it described as this!), we call it a ‘clamp’ - a word I think has a suitable nastiness about it!  Validation!! *shakes…
  • Cecily said: @amyja89 we're actually piloting an airship but we highly recommend you join.  We've got plenty of room for everyone to go north with us. My alethiometer says you'll like the trip   (I rubbed four needles on a magnet and ch…