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  • So as of 8pm last night New York state closed restaurants, bars, gyms, casinos, and movie theaters until further notice. Restaurants can do take out, which a few local places have said they are going to adapt. The local YMCA closed, DMV is closed, …
  • Excuse me, there is a typo in question 7. You have Andrew Scott listed as Priest when he should be listed as Hot Priest.
  • I got this for myself for my birthday a few years ago on Xbox. My wife saw me playing...and I almost never got to play again. I did become the director though and had the iPad open to the wiki and we finished nearly everything in the game over 6-8 m…
  • Calling it now, The Leftovers win everything.
  • If they watch Volcano, I'm sure we can make Tommy Lee Jones aware of the marathon. Maybe Pierce Brosnan during Dante's Peak, Elijah Wood for Deep Impact, or The Rock for San Andreas. The possibilities are endless.
  • I remember listening to a New Rockstar podcast and hearing Jim and A.Ron and having a bit of a mark out moment I got to hear them somewhere else. Retroactively, I do not enjoy that moment anymore.
  • I loved last season...and I've kind of loved a majority of them now that I think about it. I think there is still a ton they could do theme wise. Here's hoping for some sort of winter one, and maybe an official zombie one.
  • Can I just ask on the side, if no one minds, what kind of price ranges was it for everyone? I know there are a lot of factors, but my wife really wants to do it but is concerned about the price (and having anything near her eye, e.g. Final Destinati…
  • My wife and I only watched the first season and thought it was fantastic. Haven't gotten around to the second yet but plan to.
  • I wrote a book and self published it on Amazon a couple years ago. I then realized I hate advertising and trying to sell myself so it never really went anywhere. I also wrote a few movie scripts and some short stories, but I suck at asking for help,…
  • So I'm going to ask this here, but it may very well be answered on the podcast. Is Pickle Me This dead? I just got the download notification and in the show notes it says it's the last dedicated episode. Just curious what happened as I probably won'…
  • That face when you see a new pod load up in the feed:
  • For those needing their fix on the instant talk feedback whatever, the video is on thehe main page.
  • Murderbear said: Well, Calhattan was in the preview so maybe he's still got some tricks up his sleeve. He said something to Angela about it being important she see him walk on the pool. I'm hoping he can't tell her too much and can only gi…
  • Schitts Creek. I wasn't sure what exactly to expect, and it may have become one of my top five shows.
  • Maybe it's Game of Thrones ptsd, but is Jared the Broken going to take over Pied Piper in the end? It feels like he's gotten the most screen time ever this season, and Richard continues to show he isn't cut out to be the boss of anyone. Dinesh and G…
  • It was really good. Once A.Ron got settled in it really started to click. I have so many questions I want to send in that I haven't wanted to put in the lunch thread.
  • A preseason podcast and a nice wrap up would be fine. A mid-season one would be great. Assuming they are four hours long.
  • This show has been about Jared the entire time, hasn't it?
  • Ok, I have an idea. I doubt we can afford a plane...BUT, how much can we pay Jack to repeatedly ride in front of A.Ron's house on his bike with a, "Save The Expanse" banner flying behind him?
  • Ouch, I specifically binge watched the season over the end of summer so I could be caught up to listen to the eventual podcast. I mean I loved the show, so it's not like a loss or anything, but the third season podcast was like a dangling carrot t…
  • This might be one of my favorite shows on TV. Danny McBride is an incredible story teller, and I loved that this season was a (mostly) complete arc. I read something briefly that he didn't want to end it on a cliff hanger, which I was fully prepared…
  • While this obviously isn't awesome, I probably won't have the time to burn through it all anyway. I won't be home the weekend it starts, the following weekend is one family Christmas, then it's Christmas week with the other half of the family and …
  • Michelle said: How are we feeling about Chef Bertie?  Any out-there theories about her? I hope they pay homage to Sleepaway Camp and in a twist, she's a creepy pedophile.
  • My concert history starts out very, very weird. Technically first: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Coming Out of Their Shell Tour. My mom never forgave me, which leads to... Why was I there concert?: She got revenge and dragged me to...The Bacon Brot…
  • NEW TOOL SONG!!!!!111111Seriously though, Tool released their albums on streaming last week, and dropped their new single this morning. It's...amazing. New Album out August 30th. It's just so good.
  • I just had a weird moment...I started up another podcast on Avengers easter eggs (because I've got no new Bald Move ones left), and I heard A.Ron's voice. I had to look at my phone to see if I started Pickle Me This up by accident, but nope, it was …
  • So because I consider this a safe space to ask questions, is impeachment really a good idea? Like, I get why people want it, but it's not going to remove Trump from office as far as I know because the Senate is never going to vote him out. If anyt…