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  • All the Chickens said: What difference does any of it make outside of fans being able to "YAASSSS QUEEN" Sansa when she becomes Queen of the North? This isn't a late season issue either for the people who like to idealize the early seasons.…
  • telephoneofmadness said: Schlupp said: telephoneofmadness said: My new rule is: don't watch any show beyond season 1 unless the creators have set a limit of 3 seasons, or the entire show has already been released and reviewed. I…
  • I don't think it's just recency bias, but I gotta say Thrones.  I kept apologizing, rationalizing up until the end and still thought they could maybe pull it off. But I really didn't think it would be as disappointing as it was. So bummed. 
  • Saw a tweet this morning that made me feel better: Drogon is taking Dany east to a red priestess who will resurrect her.  In my mind undead Dany comes back and burns all these sappy fucks and takes over the world! 
  • childofsummer723 said: Disappointed that Arya didn't use any faces during Season 8 I thought for sure she would be Greyworm and take out Dany as she orders him to kill Tyrion and John, which would have made more sense..
  • early reviews are very, very encouraging! 
  • Cool! We'll look forward to hearing what you think!!  (for the record, I admired the first season while watching but the last two episodes elevated it to the best series of the year for me; soooooo glad I've been watching because I almost didn't sta…
  • I'm a sucker for period pieces too, but will wait until I can get the whole season before watching it. Glad to hear it's good!!!