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  • cdrive said: Also the One Blade guard #5 fell off this morning and I mowed a nice big bald path thru my beard.  So I had to shave it and now I’m 12.  I’m gonna go grab a beer.  that sorta happened to me last Friday. my daughter was like …
  • MrX said: Also lol at Denver having to play a practice squad WR at QB this week since their entire quarterback room is under the COVID protocol ... and someone in our league actually played him at WR.  -3 fantasy points! haha really?
  • best way i can describe this season is how i felt about the final season of The Wire. i dug it, but it really could have been so much better if it weren't for unfortunate events. just rushed and overly edited.  at least my question to start this thr…
  • calebthrower said: Garthgou81 said: Cheeseburger filling? Damn. That sounds fantastic.  I had beef flavored with garlic and onion salt and crazy janes mixed up salt. A small amount if dijon, a tad of relish ( for sweetness but not t…
  • looks legit @cdrive! i wouldn't be opposed to some crispy bacon up in there.
  • no plans at the moment haha. Doritos 3D were my jam back in the 90's when they were around for a minute. then they sadly went away . 20-somehwat years later they return!
  • Teresa from Concord said: Thanksgiving leftovers. what are some things y'all do with leftovers? today i'm gonna do some mashed potatoes croquettes. also doing a caesar salad with some chopped up turkey breast. i wanna try throwing some…
  • my mom usually makes turkey tamales or turkey enchiladas with left over turkey the weekend after the thanksgiving. sadly 2020 keeps on sucking and that won't be the case this year .
  • these are on their way next year! 2021 already looking bright!
  • speaking of raccoons, i stumbled across some guy that hangs out with A LOT of raccoons on youtube. it's pretty wild haha.
  • most classic John Hughes movies that have been 'untouchable'. i.e Ferris Bueller's, Weird Science, Breakfast Club.
  • Plains, Trains and Automobiles happened today..
  • Dee said: We never get John Hughes movies on free to air TV.  I didn’t think about how with streaming a lot of people (like @asmallcat) don’t ever just flick channels around anymore either. I’m such an old person!  i'm def a channel surfer…
  • Michelle said: 56 cases confirmed here today! yikes! do you know the total cases in your county? SC county has had like 4000, but only like 850 are active from what i heard. 28 deaths, so def not as bad as other counties in CA
  • day 3 of my '11 day weekend'! Thanksgiving shutdown at work this week, then I took next Mon and Tue off on top of that. it's like Summer of Chinaski!
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for sure. Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. speaking of Marin Lawrence, i'm a sucker for Nothing to Lose and Blue Streak. on an Eddie Murphy note, Coming to America of course and Bowfinger throwback Jack Bla…
  • hahah what this thread turned into!
  • Travis said: I've probably tossed them out in the past and just forgot, but does anyone else know about Sammy, indie rock band from the 90s? Their record Tales of Great Neck Glory is definitely worth the price of admission.  thanks for the…
  • Teresa from Concord said: Cory said: Michelle said: I agree, I think getting something a little fun that is tailored to that person is also a good way to go, *if* you know that person well.  For example, Michelle would like …
  • haha i love me some In n Out but that's pretty silly. Colorado! stay off the weeeeed!
  • looks like the Raptors will open the season in Tampa.
  • oh wow! i had no idea! 'Heath Ledger was set to make The Queen's Gambit his directorial debut'
  • CretanBull said: Teresa from Concord said: Wait! What about Justin Theroux's penis? Let's not bury the lead. Apparently it's tragically small.  For an elephant.  The jogging scenes in S1 prompted some people to suggest that they stu…
  • bizmarkiefader said: Did they give up their pick next year or that Minnesota first for this? oh goodness sake no. that Minnesota pick is way too valuable. they basically used the trade exception they got for Iggy (that was expiring on Monda…
  • Chinaski said: i thought the Warriors had a chance to get Kelly Oubre, not so much anymore. glad i was wrong haha. i'll take it!
  • it's so damn unfortunate. silver lining i guess is apparently he's expected to make a full recovery based off the type of tear. but shit, he's not getting any younger. 2020 bay area sports curse strikes again
  • Murderbear said: I think there are a few eye-rolling moments a few episodes in and this. shout out @Murderbear. i'm still digging it, but it's not perfect.
  • ugh! what a bummer if this is the case. he's such a cool dude too that has worked so hard to rehab his torn ACL: