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  • roxbombers said: Rockies fan here that just had to jump in this thread with the Mariners posts I've lurked through. thank you Rockies for this weekend
    in MLB 2018 Comment by Chinaski July 15
  • Michelle said: 2 out of 3 in the Bay Series!  Sorry not sorry, SF.  hell yeah! going into the break 21-6 in the last month and only 3 out of the Wild Card.
    in MLB 2018 Comment by Chinaski July 15
  • Australians feast on porcupine in the winter. insightful.
  • not a movie but an episode of Rick & Morty. only human is Chris Parnell playing Jerry.
    in The Muppets Comment by Chinaski July 15
  • MattyWeaves said: I think all things considered, I cook the most with breakfast food. We'll eat eggs and toast for dinner or waffles, or French toast, and bacon or whatever else like that. I bake lots of chicken, Greek, BBQ, cutlets, or faj…
  • no advice but my predictions. 1-1 and France wins in shootouts. edit: i want Croatia to win. their uniforms are fire!
  • the basement of the Alamo! 
  • johnnytruant said: Yea “the ataris”... not great bob. Not that don Henley is much better but I think The Eagles get a bad rap. haha The Ataris. guilty in 1999
  • cdrive said: The 3 most frequent I do: Pan sear to oven ribeyes with sautéed asparagus and baby red potatoes.  Homemade spaghetti where I put a lot of love in the sauce and a dinner salad. I’m the morning person / breakfast guy.  Eggs baco…
  • Bill Hader please. just for his acceptance speech. edit: Donald Glover will just do something super talented and prob win a Golden Globe for his acceptance speech. it's not fair.
  • i really need to use my crock pot more often. i've had it for like 4 years and have used it twice. carnitas one year for the Super Bowl and a quiche one year for the hell of it. both were a success!
  • @joejerryronnie - your name now makes so much sense. 
  • Noel said: Since we have some time before the final, what does everyone think about this news? I’m not sure how I’d feel …
  • MrX said: Sunday gonna be lit ... World Cup final, Wimbledon men's final (btw today's matches were epic ... and Rafa-Djokovic ain't over!), plus a Tour de France stage to boot. Love this time of year with all the "continental" sports! France…
  • i'm curious what the consensus would be if it read.. J.J. Abrams is about to make a spectacular return to TV. The Alias and Lost creator, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens director, has an “epic” new sci-fi series that was just greenlit by HBO. Ti…
  • raise your hand if you want Croatia to win..
  • a lot of my late night weekends in the 90's were spent watching Late Night with Rhonda Shear on USA and MonsterVision on TNT.
  • ElSkid said: Thanks. So I can listen via browser but I cannot download on iTunes, right? that's what i do. i just hit download and let the magic happen. enjoy! their Fargo coverage is fun and some of my favorites.
  • sometimes i just scroll through the FM stations as a reminder of how much terrible music there is out there. occasionally i'll leave it one something REALLY bad (i.e. Migos) and just laugh at it and do my own rendition of it to myself.
  • hot damn! apparently the 'T' in JamieT stands for tough. glad you were ok, sounds brutal!
  • ElSkid said: Just joined today. Is it possible to listen to season 1Fargo coverage? My wife and I are rewatching from the beginning and I’d like to listen along.
  • per Urban Dictionary: Epic - The most overused word ever, next to fail. for even more asshole points, use them together to form "epic fail."
  • alright.. 8 year old me stepping in!
  • MrX said: Mookie!! 10 in a row! he's related to royalty! edit: and his name rules!
    in MLB 2018 Comment by Chinaski July 13
  • cdrive said: Who here is guilty of buying As Seen On TV stuff? Tactical flashlight. The Brooklyn Lantern... those copper looking pans that won’t burn... the sock helper on-er  never spent a dime but i have an aunt that has gifted me a fe…
  • sneakers and funkos and ghettos oh my!
  • @dee nah that's residential area with family homes and communities. very unlikely anything other than a big ass house is going there.
  • well that was a fun little road trip. took 2 of 3 from the AL Central leaders then rolled into Houston and took 3 of 4. now it's back to the bay for a Bay Bridge series!
    in MLB 2018 Comment by Chinaski July 12
  • Dee said: Chinaski said: Byrdie said: Ok legitimately a 1.23 Million Dollar home in Silicon Valley that was condemend prior to sale yup! you're basically paying for the land and not the actual house. pretty crazy. http://w…