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  • Michelle said: JoshTheBlack said: @Michelle  Happy for you!  Keep your distance from the roomie!  Best of luck to them as well. Thank you!  If I could move out right this moment, I would! I condone putting barbed wire ov…
  • If he plays a stormtrooper will he have Bullock/Raylan aim or stormtrooper aim?
  • Good luck @Michelle, we'll all be waiting for the results with you!
  • Dee said: @Michelle Yeah, I’m a loner so I don’t think sometimes about how hard other people are taking this. Lily is a social person and also a hugger so she’s been struggling. At least she had her housemate and she was still allowed to visi…
  • Michelle said: My roommate just tested positive. I'm now in quarantine for 14 days, starting today. Oh no!  Take care, and be careful. What do you do when in quarantine with someone who has it?  How do you not get it?
  • I'm just there for the accents... it's not working out well so far. 
  • Dee said: @Cory We got that news - it was all over the Guardian Aus site for a few days.  Oh wow, it was an hour and a half from here.
  • Dee said: It just astounds me that the US is pushing 70,000 deaths in a matter of weeks and the government has not only barely acknowledged it, but encouraging everyone to pretty much go about their business. Imagine if 70,000 American people…
  • cdrive said: There is a $1 row too, but you have to open up the tweet.  Melo for $5 is hilarious.   No fair, I didn't know that when I made my selections. 
  • Noel said: From what I remember, Olympics Melo is a monster. He balls out. Has the most points of any player ever. Probably has the most shots too.  Definitely most ego (even over Jordan and Kobe).  I wonder about losses?
  • cdrive said: Who you got? 1 - Magic $3 2 - Jordan $5 3 - George $2 4 -  Bird $3 5 - Ewing $2 How the hell is Carmelo in the $5 group?  He should be fiddy cents.
  • majjam0770 said: Is it wrong that I want the end to be an epic battle between battling armies of the small drones?   With the battle ending when a drone belonging to an upstart rebel takes out Rehoboam with an impossible shot down a ducting v…
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  • Is Isiah Thomas liked by ANYONE who wasn't a Pistons teammate/coach?  I wonder what Rodman thinks of him.  I know Pippen hates him.  Heard Pip describe Thomas several times along the lines of - "He's a snake in the grass and will never change". I m…
  • JaimieT said: I'm thinking about getting an antibody test. I'm 50% confident I had Coronavirus, last month. I'm also unemployed and bored. If you're bored enough, feel free to record me an audiobook with - exaggerated accent. 
  • For all you programmers out there.
  • Centre Keep The Dream Bench Shaq Cut KAJ Guards Keep Dame Bench Westbrook Cut: The most obvious pick in this all, Irving
  • I'm just playing MLB: The Show I like hitting homers. 
  • Jose Canseco is worried Bigfoot, aliens may have coronavirus
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  • Had the worst (only?) mass shooting here that I've ever known, this past weekend. 50 some year old man went driving around in a fake RCMP car, dressed as an officer, shooting people.  Heard he was knocking on doors and shooting, pulling cars over a…
  • Marci said: MichaelG said: Thoughts and prayers, FL: He's going to kill us all! Governor Florida Man. Of course, he kinda fits right in. #FloridaMorons is trending on …
  • Evan said: My results unfortunately came back positive. I feel okay so far, but it's early days. With an existing heart condition, I have cause for concern.  Wish me luck. Stay safe, stay indoors.  Sorry to hear this. If you feel up to it…
  • Murderbear said: BrooklynMD said: Plaything through RDR2 for a second time. Riding around on your horse in this game can be very relaxing I love sandbox games but RDR2 is just in a whole other league. The fact that I can just go day…
  • Whenever you guys talk about your medical plans/coverage and costs... I get scared. 
  • I know, but hundreds of years isn't it?
  • Teresa from Concord said: It’s official. They are out of ideas.  They seem to be scared of a series set in the future of Voyager... since Voyager ended.
  • MrX said: The actor in Caleb's flashback was Enrico Colantoni - he's been in a lot of stuff, but notably he had a recurring role in Person of Interest, so I'm guessing Nolan/Joy cast him for something meaty.  Yes, I noticed Keith Mars as w…
  • I know he's not very famous, even in the hockey world, but current Oilers (and former Bruins) forward Colby Cave died at the age of 25 on Saturday after suffering a brain bleed earlier this week.