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  • i hope it’s just a glitch, and not they are moving their videos to Twitch. I’ll catch the podcast in the morning I guess. Great episode BTW. Got a lot of info! Reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon Playing baseball. 
  • Just saw Hollywood! It was great! Not #1, but top 5. Apparently I need to rewatch Kill Bill. Not on my top 5.  Pulp Bastards Django Hollywood Brown Dogs Eight KB’s
  • WAHOO WA! GO HOOS! I’m in if it’s a thing. 
  • If I had internet, that would be the solution. But, as I said, I don’t have internet. 
  • hypergenesb said: They mentioned last week that there would be no instant talk for the BCS finale due to A.Ron's travel.  Must have missed it. I knew no lunch.... But, gotta say. I listened to their empire cast today and happy to hear they…
  • I raaise, process and eat goat. And they are delicious! Fun fact. Outside of US, goat is #1 meat (like soccer) seriously, I raise goats, pigs and chickens. My family and I spoil them but we know their purpose. Humans are omnivores. We need protein/m…
  • Michelle said: Is there no instant talk pod tonight? Was about to post same question. I know Aaron was out of town for weekend, but don’t remember if he’s be back. 
  • Zsa004 said: Some Chuck and Jimmy interesting flash backs. Sad.  Thanks. I’ll get the details in the main pod. Just hoped it wasn’t something Gene or main time line related. 
  • My satellite took a shit during the opening. What happened?!
  • Trying to think of the good times is tough. Daryl blowing up the tank was cool. Oh, and Carol badass assault on Terminius I think will be my all time favorite moment from the show. 
  • I get it. The 5 stages of grief is very relevant. I quit after 7 but like most still listened to your pod. I was thankful, but, did feel sorry that you had the spend so much time and effort in this POS. Look forward to the wrap up podcast. There wer…
  • I'd like a spot if one is available. Playing FF for 20 + years. Days when you waited for Monday's paper to tally up your points. Currently in 4 leagues. 2 are Dynasty, and 2 are part of a FF podcast/forum. Fantasy Football Guys. Highly recommend. …
  • Worst episode ever.  50 minutes of nothing, followed by 20 minutes of a small twist.  Ok, so we departed from them, they departed from us, and?  No answers to Kevin being a jesus-figure, or anything else.  Terrible episode. Oh yeah, I forgot about …
  • What a phenomenal finale. I was almost a blubbering idiot just watching the previously on. I'm really happy they focused they entire episode on just Kevin and Nora. I'm glad we got to see Laurie because I maintained my point of view that her suicide…
  • I'll vote for Harry. He had that huge hairy spider on him, then Marv hit him with the bat.Flames on the head, and a permanent scar on his left palm of the letter "M". Busted tooth from paint cansMy favorite, but not so painful, walking into plastic …
  • Adam Carolla ShowStuff you should knowThe Nerdist (more for the guest, not Chris.)Serial (when it's current)Reasonable Doubt (another Adam carolla show, but co host lawyer Mark Geragos and discuss legal issues)
  • Thanks for the reply's. I guess when I said Chick Flick, I was thinking of shows like True Blood. Leans more towards the relational dramatics rather than the situational dramatics (BCS, TWD, BB, GoT) I'm not worried about historical accuracy, so fem…
  • Googled cocobolo desk. Damn, there are the shit at 16,000