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  • Any bakers in the house? I've been baking my own bread recently. Currently in love with challah bread. Makes a great sandwich.
  • I do want to mention my very good friend, Laura Downing did a wonderful religion panel at CoT this year and she mentioned Gods of Thrones in her talk.
  • Just finished Brothers a Tale of Two Sons on Switch. Very beautiful and sweet little game.
  • Murderbear said: I wish I was able to go! I joined the After The Con group on FB a long time ago and now I am seeing all these pictures and feeling jealous! You didn't go?
  • Just finished Hellblade. I thought it was great. 
  • I heard that, despite ratings going down and baseball being a dying sport, MLB revenue keeps going up. It's not surprising that salaries keep going up too. (I have to confess. I bought a 20 dollar Mets tank top a few days ago. A fool and his money..…
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  • I think the Borg would eat through the empire like a hot knife through butter. The empire was defeated by a ragtag group of terrorists and a navy led by a fish man. I don't have reams of research into SW weaponry or nothing, but I don't think the em…
  • Holy lord! I finally finished Assassin's Creed Odyssey or at least all three (THREE!) main missions. I thought it was great. Reminded me a lot of Far Cry 5, which I loved. I kinda wanna play it all the way out and the DLC, but it took 90 hours get t…
  • Hey all you Rude Boys and Rude Girls. Apparently, The Specials are out on these streets with a new record...
  • Maybe the fellers can do Ice and Fire Con? There's probably going to be a mass exodus from CoT to Ice and Fire after this year.
  • Con of Thrones is the Fyre Festival for nerds.
  • Spent 112 hours on RDR2, 80 hours on GTAV, and 60 hours on Horizon Zero Dawn. I wonder what My yearly tally on steam was? Not sure how much action the ole Playstation will get this year. Only games I plan on playing right now are Spiderman and maybe…
  • Looks like my beloved Dems are staying on brand by putting forth mediocre candidates and claiming they are progressive heroes. Tulsi Gabbard has worked closely with her father's vile anti-lgbtqia group and Kamala Harris has put away many young Afric…
  • Honorable mention to Daequan. That dude it is entertaining too. And he is so good!
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  • MichaelG said: russkelly said:  I don't really watch twitch anymore, but when I do, it's Doc. He's great. Doc is the GOAT of twitch so far, IMO. Ninja is for little kids.  Yep. Like @gguenot said, dude is a true entertainer and …
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  •  I don't really watch twitch anymore, but when I do, it's Doc. He's great.
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  • @Chinaski ME TOO! I I read "Bidget" and thought it was some kind weird Canadian/UK fitness watch.
  • bizmarkiefader said: I haven't watched this show in 12 years, do the therapy scenes hold up? They bored me watching it when I was 18 but I was a stupid little shit. I remember a lot of complaining about them in general during the shows run, d…
  • Just finished. The "Cut to Black" never bothered me before, but this time it seemed lazy. Time to start the whole thing over again!
  • Garthgou81 said: Strangely enough I just finished a rewatch. It’s my favorite series of all time and it looks fantastic on Blu-Ray. There is a podcast that I listen(ed) to called “No F*ckckin’ Ziti.” The podcasters are ridiculous, and laugh a…
  • 20 years ago, the greatest show of all time debuted. I'm six eps away from finishing my latest rewatch, and apparently others have been rewatching as well. Anybody here currently rewatching? Anybody got a tip on a good podcast that covers the show? …
  • 40 bucks!?! sold.
  • rkcrawf said: Having a Pho Burrito from a food truck. It’s f’in awesome. WHAT. I need this in my life.
  • 15 hours into AC Origins. It is a very fine and serviceable game. I turned the volume way down and watched Band of Brothers while playing. I kinda dig that.
  • You're welcome.