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  • Docking to ISS starting now if anyone wants to watch live. 10:10 am Eastern
    in Space Launch Comment by CapeGabe May 31
  • Sorry, for not getting a heads up to you all sooner. Life interfering. I'll be back next week.
  • cdrive said: Definitely tense. Oh man we really needed this right now. I really needed this right now. So glad it didn’t blow up in front of my kids.  It reminds me of the 1968 episode of From the Earth to the Moon which alternates between t…
    in Space Launch Comment by CapeGabe May 30
  • cdrive said: Aww a sequined dinosaur Or maybe a Dragon?  That was not fun. Hard to enjoy with people on board. Thrilled right now. 
    in Space Launch Comment by CapeGabe May 30
  • I finished Doom Patrol on HBO MAX. I enjoyed it. Strange how one show can be silly and humorous but also so dark. Season 2 coming in June.
  • After a quick look I reccomend The Martian by Andy Weir. The novel is great and so much funnier, and better, than the movie. There is a ton of science nerd stuff in the book but the humor gets you through it.
  • Here is a start.
  • Citizen Kane is one of those movies you expect going in can't live up to the hype but boy does it. When you go in knowing all the cinematic innovations it made it's even more impressive.  I would also recommend the film RKO 281 about the filming o…
  • Apollo They Shall Not Grow Old I don't go to theaters much anymore because I hate people now. There is zero chance I can enjoy myself because the asshole percentage is currently so high. So the last time I was at the theater was twice within a wee…
  • Marci said: Antibody tests are not turning out to be reliable at all (wrong about half the time, according to the CDC):…
  • rhcoop said: FYI, if anyone has Comcast, they struck a last minute deal with HBO/AT&T.   It isn't available on the actual xfinity box yet, but you can download the HBO Max app and get access with your comcast credentials.  I'm sure it w…
    in HBO Max Comment by CapeGabe May 28
  • I started watching Doom Patrol since it was on DC before Max. Other than that it is same old stuff I could watch before.
    in HBO Max Comment by CapeGabe May 28
  • Dee said: Catch up on @Michelle and @Evan - how are you guys doing? Are you still in iso, Michelle? Michelle is probably currently doing 5-10 for roommate related crimes.
  • The Last Kingdom Enjoyed binging the latest season of the TV version of the great Bernard Cornwell series. Good adaption of the material. I always wonder why they change the things they change in adaptations. OK with most of them in this series. T…
  • If anyone has a favorite game or a game they'd like to try join us just message us here. Here is a list of the best Steam Tabletop Simulator mod for the BBG top 500 rated games:
  • Here is an article on Japan's low cases. As usual editors put crap headline but the article itself is good. It poses more questions than it answers but they are interesting questions to look into.…
  • I'm good for Saturday again
  • You always feel like you are losing  You think your faction sucks You think the other factions are OP You can't believe everyone else gets the good cards Your enemies spend all their resources and time fighting against each other for control of one …
  • Michelle said: That moment when you're having a great morning, then you find that your roommate WHO WAS RECENTLY DIAGNOSED WITH COVID-19 - and is supposed to be isolating - decided that your clothes in the washing machine, that *aren't hers*,…
  • When is the Snyder Cut of the last three seasons of Game of Thrones coming out?
  • Played The Expanse boardgame Saturday.  It could be the perfect game. You always feel like you are losing  You feel like you are being ganged up on You think your faction sucks You think the other factions are OP You think you are somehow being chea…
  • Ordered some toothpicks in case I need them.
  • Raylan in Spaaaaaaacccceee!  The only thing better is if he was on Firefly.
  • Dee said: Spent half my afternoon yesterday arguing with a guy over a government policy after he was given wrong information by some random. Double checked it and triple checked it for him, finally he accepted I was right. Logged on this morn…
  • I'm in for Saturday. Hopefully for the Expanse. 
  • Teresa from Concord said: Now vitamin D will go the way of TP. Another difficult item to get. I better get another 3 months worth I've been on it for about two years and the same fear just crossed my mind. 
  • Dee said: 19. Last To Know - Del Amitri  That song was in the mid 20s for me. Love that song. I never saw them live but heard they were a great live band.
  • Dee said: P.S. Nik Kershaw is Wouldn’t It Be Good, not Wouldn’t It Be Nice.  Lol, brain no work good Fixed
  • The Clash - London Calling  What they put out in a short period of time is amazing. Hard to pick one but this has to be it just for Train in Vain being a hidden track not listed on the album. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon What could I possibly…
  • I'll be there tonight. About 5 past the hour at the latest, depending on dog's reaction to the high winds here tonight.