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  • adobo1148 said: I just finished s2 of rebels, and am still not clear what happened to Ashoka after the Sith Temple encounter with the Inquisitors and Vader.  Best I can say without spoiling anything is keep watching. 
  • That was a great 40 minutes. Ahsoka was a bad ass, and some exciting reveals about the future maybe.
  • Yeah books 7 and 8 are pretty wild. If they try and shoehorn it into season 6, it will be tough I think.
  • ray_x03 said: ray_x03 said: Officially renewed for season 6. Damn. It will be the final season...…
  • Shawshank  Law Abiding Citizen The Departed The Town Goodfellas
  • I can separate myself from actor's politics. I just ask them to entertain me during the show/movie.  Episode was a fun one, but I really wanted them to get to Ahsoka. 
  • Mitch got hurt a couple weeks ago during his one play.  The Bears are so screwed.
    in NFL 20/21 Comment by Peeps November 17
  • RyanReeseman said: Yeah I definitely think they’ll give more backstory and not force people to watch those shows or explainer videos or anything like that.  I actually have a working theory going right now that Din is going to hand Yodes off …
  • asmallcat said: I do NOT understand why the Bears are still ride or die with Foles. He looks terrible. At least Trubs can run.  Well based on the last drive last night, looks like Foles may have died.  So there's that.
    in NFL 20/21 Comment by Peeps November 17
  • Teresa from Concord said: @Jim and @A_Ron_Hubbard I very much enjoy this season but starting to worry that NOT knowing the clone cartoons is going to reduce my enjoyment and understanding of the show. Shouldn't the writers explain a backstory…
  • Been rewatching/catching up on Supernatural.  1st 5 to 6 seasons are solid. Seasons 7-10 have been hit and miss.  Interested to see what happens in seasons 11-15. 
  • Some Rebels episodes that deal with Mandalorians and history Season 3 Episode 15 Episdoe 16 Season 4 Episode 1 Episode 2
  • Yeah I'm cool with it.  Usually the thread gets started early so I don't want to post any spoilers that soon.
  • Kim Ng becomes the first female GM in American pro sports after being named GM of the Marlins. Good for her and hope she succeeds.
    in MLB 2020 Comment by Peeps November 13
  • Giovanni said: So what's the appeal with LaRussa? He's old, managed in a completely different era, probably cares nothing about analytics, and isn't someone who would be a good role model for young players (see recent DUI). What am I missing …
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  • AL MVP Jose Abreu! So happy for him. He has been on some truly awful teams so to see him thrive now that the team looks to be good again is great.
    in MLB 2020 Comment by Peeps November 12
  • The White Sox hired Tony LaRussa to be the manager. In 2020.
    in MLB 2020 Comment by Peeps October 29
  • Congrats to the Dodgers. This was a great postseason.
    in MLB 2020 Comment by Peeps October 28
  • Great game and series. Dodgers-Rays should be fun.
    in MLB 2020 Comment by Peeps October 19
  • 1st Place Chicago Bears!
    in NFL 20/21 Comment by Peeps October 18
  • Like others, enjoyed season 1 and barely got through 3 episodes of season 2.  Agree about the concept of the show too. The idea of stacks lends itself to an almost infinite run as you can recast characters all the time. The only problem is you hav…
  • Astros:
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