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  • Shang-Chi looks like ... a pretty badass martial arts movies. Marvel - hey maybe they know what they're doing!
  • The Mare of Easttown premieres on HBO tomorrow, crime drama starring Kate Winslet. Looks worth checking out to me, has been getting critical buzz.
  • Damn Mookie with the game winning catch! Dodgers-Padres has been a fun series from the bits I've caught.
    in MLB 2021 Comment by MrX April 18
  • JLD in the MCU?! Ok show, you have my interest!
  • I bought and sold some for fun around the beginning of the year, made $50 when it was trading a bit above $0.01. Wish I just held it .... would have been up a few thousand by now!
    in Dogecoin Comment by MrX April 16
  • awookiee said: MrX said: Like we need more Marvel but Loki looks fun... Alright, maybe we don't NEED more Marvel but I sure as hell want it.  I mean I was sold at Owen Wilson's stache
  • Like we need more Marvel but Loki looks fun...
  • Chinaski said: @MrX you don;t own a gaming device that you can download the ATV app on? Nah, haven't had a console since the PS3 I got rid of a couple years ago. My basement is pretty nice so I'm good watching down there, good laundry fo…
  • Damn Ohtani smacking the high heat out of the park was pretty.
    in MLB 2021 Comment by MrX April 5
  • Signed up for Apple TV+ this month so we could watch the movie Wolfwalkers with our son (really good, the animation is unique compared to most stuff out there. Plus - Sean Bean!). But I discovered that they're isn't an app for my Sony tv that has th…
  • JoshTheBlack said: tom_g said: Moved to Edge. I am officially edging. Gross.  Not the innuendo, that's funny. The browser. (To be fair, I haven't spent more than 3 minutes in it since they moved to chromium.) MrX said: Jo…
  • cdrive said: That Suggs shot was bonkers. Gonna be nice seeing him in a Rockets jersey.  amazing game buzzer to buzzer but holy shit what a finish
  • Opening day rainout and then shutout by the O's ... Go Sox! Sigh.
    in MLB 2021 Comment by MrX April 3
  • Whoa Roy Williams is retiring from UNC. End of an amazing career. I moved to Chapel Hill soon after he was hired, got to be in NC for the "golden years" - 05 and 09 championships. Was at UNC for grad school during part of that stretch so was lucky …
  • I've seen some good buzz about this, going to try to watch a couple episodes this weekend ... thanks for the reminder!
  • JoshTheBlack said: Well, it seems mostly related to Chrome.  I did some searching for vanillaforums+chrome+login+not+working.  Nothing recent that I could find.  It's gotta be an issue between their SSO and Chrome.  Probably something Chrome …
  • Anyone else watching the HBO documentary "Q: Into the Storm"?   The folks behind 8-Chan and possibly Q are pretty wild characters, especially the father-son team at the center of it. I had read some stuff about them but to see and hear them is a dif…
  • Got my appointment for my first Pfizer dose on Friday as well, first day Colorado is opening it up to everyone >16!
  • "I read the Hobbit ... in 1937 ... when it first came out." Good stuff. Glad they didn't waste anymore tone before putting Sam and Bucky together, was fun seeing them play off New Cap and Battlestar.
  • RIP Beverly Clearly ...104! She (along with Judy Blume) was such an important writer for me growing up.
    in RIP in 2021 Comment by MrX March 27
  • Freddy said: awookiee said: MrX said: Was browsing around HBO Max, and ended up watching Max Mad: Fury Road for the first time in a few years. Goddamn this movie holds up. Not a wasted frame. Watched with my headphones on, havin…
  • Murderbear said: Falcon has too much pride to sell out! (At least so far) Or Stark Industries couldn't put them on the payroll?? I know Tony is gone but come on! Yea you'd think Pepper Potts would be making sure the Avengers are set up fo…
  • asmallcat said: I actually think Snyder is an interesting visual director. I would love to see him get a movie where he directed but the script was tightly controlled by someone else.  Dawn of the Dead is pretty well regarded and was writ…
  • RyanReeseman said: I’ve seen a handful of people saying it’s jarring or weird that Falcon is just killing people and I’m so confused. Soldiers sometimes kill people, especially when those people are terrorists who hijack a military plane and …
  • Sorry to be a downer, but another mass shooting, this one way too close to home. Grocery store in Boulder 15 minutes from my house. 10 people dead. Not my local grocery store but I've been in that store with my freaking kid when in that area. Talk a…
  • RyanReeseman said: Hatorian said: Apparently the nightmare sequence is the coolest part and that’s towards the end I honestly think it’s the worst part of a movie that I already heavily disliked. By the time I got to the epilogue and saw…
  • Beverly Hills Cop just showed up on HBO Max, so I  had to watch as a palate cleanser after 4 hours of the Snyder Cut over 3 days. Still holds all the way up, Eddie Murphy at his peak powers, bangin' soundtrack, and of course a young Jonathan Banks …
  • Couple highlights for me (of the ridiculous kind): The Scandanavian(?) woman singing the dirge as Aquaman leaves and sorrowfully smelling his cable-knit sweater. The Flash putting a hot dog in his pocket in ultra slo-mo.
  • Add me to the list of having login issues. I usually am just on my phone for the forums, today I tried to login through my laptop browser (chrome) where I hadn't logged in a long time, and I just get redirected to everytime I login and …