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  • Sepinwall is all in on "Lovecraft Country." I'm pumped. I know the guys will at least give it "Off the Clock" treatment but this looks like it could be worth episodic coverage, considering how things are slowing down in the tv pipeline.  https://tw…
  • I just finished the 30 for 30 season, thought it was well done. Will have to put this on my to-watch list.
    in Nadia (1984) Comment by MrX August 1
  • Found this at my liquor store recently, it's cheap ($20!), strong (107 proof!!), and makes for a decent Manhattan. Cheers!
  • nstinson said: Pats are tanking for Trevor Lawrence spectacularly. "of course Dont'a, think of your family ... we'll be just fine"
    in NFL 20/21 Comment by MrX July 29
  • Pats already have a bunch of players opting out this season, including Dont'a Hightower and Patrick Chung. Their defense was the main thing going for them going into this year, that's gonna leave some big holes. If there is a season at all that is!
    in NFL 20/21 Comment by MrX July 29
  • Here we go .... At least 14 players on the Marlins have tested positive, they cancelled today's game against the Orioles. Marlins previously played a series in Philly and an exhibition game in Atlanta. Why again did MLB think having teams travel li…
    in MLB 2020 Comment by MrX July 27
  • shakabry said: This is what I keep hearing. I will keep going. Thanks! Have you seen the movie? I'd recommend watching that first!
    in WWDITS Pilot Comment by MrX July 26
  • Chinaski said: i mean i love baseball and i will watch. but i can't help but feel uneasy knowing the risks and the shitty state of the world. there were more cases the last 2 weeks in the US than all of June. i don't think it's the best time …
    in MLB 2020 Comment by MrX July 23
  • Yay baseball starts today! . . . . . . . .   
    in MLB 2020 Comment by MrX July 23
  • Casey here, Jim and ARon have been my prestige tv spirit guides since 2012 (or maybe 2011?), and I've been wasting time as a club member here on the forums since 2015!
  • I'm hoping that someday HBO gets their shit together and releases the 4K versions on HBO Max. That would tempt me to rewatch at least seasons 1-6.
  • Also recommended: the miniseries "From the Earth to the Moon" on HBO, which covers the Apollo program and was produced by Tom Hanks and Ron Howard.
  • I'm really excited to watch, never got to see it in person, although did listen to the soundtrack a bunch when it came out.
    in Hamilton Comment by MrX July 4
  • Our current go-to PB&J (mostly because it's what we keep in the pantry): Dave's Killer bread (it's quite soft for a whole wheat bread) Strawberry jam Creamy PB
    in SANDWICHES! Comment by MrX July 2
  • Redrum0376 said: Let me be clear, I am a 25 yr registered Democrat and believe strongly in progressive politics.
  • Bill Simmons getting some heat for the culture at The Ringer. I listened to the episode with Ryen Russillo that is discussed, and yes, it's pretty pretty bad.…
  • My almost 5 year old rocking the trails!
    in Brag on your kids Comment by MrX June 20
    in MLB 2020 Comment by MrX June 17
  • gguenot said: I thought they did do Twister on the disaster marathon  They most definitely did!
    in Commission Comment by MrX June 15
  • This isn't a new story and Sepinwall says its been misreported:
  • Sesame Street & CNN did town hall on racism, I plan on watching this with my 4 year old. Otherwise we have been talking about it this last week ... I really appreciate the discussion on here, it's really important as white people to not let this…
  • Cecily said: JaimieT said: Update about Covid-19 unemployment benefits. It took 6 weeks of headache, but my unemployment payments started coming. And it is... A LOT of money. Stay home, fuck yeah I'll stay home, I'll do anything you w…
  • JoshTheBlack said: 1.  I know we're in the middle of a Pandemic, but how do you find the time?   I have less time for media in the pandemic (including podcasts   ).... Young kid at home = more work at night.
  • This Twitter thread is worth a read. The police are pumped up, itching for a fight, excited to do their military cosplay thing, agitating the whole situation. I wonder what (who) gives them that idea and that they can get away with it? https://twit…
  • cdrive said: CapeGabe said: cdrive said: Aww a sequined dinosaur Or maybe a Dragon?  That was not fun. Hard to enjoy with people on board. Thrilled right now.  Definitely tense. Oh man we really needed this right now. I…
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  • Like @A_Ron_Hubbard we've been trying to reduce our meat consumption. Was excited to see that Impossible Burger now sells their burger "meat" at the grocery store. Have had it at a few restaurants but never been able to cook with it at home. So I gr…
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  • kingbee67 said: DC has a lot of bombs in there menu. Missing the Nolan Batman movies. Superman?  I'm guessing there are some movies that have streaming rights with other platforms that will eventually come back to Warner. Same thing happene…
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  • Very excited to watch through the Studio Ghibli section with my kid!
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