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  • Trump wouldn't authorize military transport for Pelosi's Congressional delegation to visit the troops in Afghanistan, yet here's Lindsay Graham buddying up with Erdogan.
  • Alkaid13 said: The goalposts of what actually counts as collusion have moved so far that it’s now “well ok so maybe he collided but it’s not actually a crime”. People are literally waiting for a 1080p HD video of Trump sucking Vlad’s dick whi…
  • Buckle up for tomorrow. Twitter Force One is gonna be spewing all kinds of hot garbage.
  • We should start a list of stuff that the community thinks they should check out the trailers for. Looking at premieres between next week and early February, some that I'm interested in are: Russian Doll (Netflix) Miracle Workers (TBS) Unbreakable Ki…
  • adobo1148 said: John Wick 3 trailer, let the body count resume  "Oh, you were sad about his dog in the first movie? Here are three more dogs for you to worry about!"
  • Da Bears homers both put Trubisky in their top 5. I think your perspective on him is skewed because of all the years that you were subjected to this guy.
  • A: "Was that Flea?" J: "Henry Rollins."   
  • Of course I want to see my Pats in it again, but if KC wins the AFC I think Chiefs-Saints might be the better game? Rams haven't been as dominant as they were through the KC game, and Goff hasn't been that impressive lately.
  • Mahomes Rodgers Luck Mayfield Wilson Pretty much in agreement with @asmallcat. If I had to choose I'm taking Wilson over Ryan and Watson at this point. He's only 30 and I feel like Seattle will stay on the mix - this season was supposed to be a reb…
  • Garthgou81 said: JoshuaHeter said: So, I assume the schedule is going to be... Episode I Episode II Solo Episode III Rogue One A New Hope The Star Wars Holiday Special Empire ROTJ The Force Awakens The Last Jedi My question is, where…
  • Teresa from Concord said: MrX said: "Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can" We got Gyllenhaal in the Marvel-verse! I wonder how this will be received after the success of "Into the Spider-verse" So does this take p…
  • gguenot said: It was a tough choice between Groundhogs Day marathon and the Blackkklansman cast I had to go w/ ARon's Blackkklansman rant, it was probably the most impactful thing to happen to the Bald Move-verse in 2018.
  • "Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can" We got Gyllenhaal in the Marvel-verse! I wonder how this will be received after the success of "Into the Spider-verse"
  • Hatorian said: Sorry it’s CFD. It’s basically playing Long or short positions on stocks with leverage. Sort of like FX. You’re buying a position and since it’s leveraged you’re able to “own” more shares than if you simply bought the stock. Bu…
  • Hatorian said: All good advice. I’m really interested in the Vanguard indexes. Unfortunately the broker I use here in Singapore doesn’t have the Vanguard 2050. Which after doing some research seems like a perfect one for me. I’d be 66 in 2050…
  • asmallcat said: CapeGabe said: MrX said: I see there are a lot of Pats haters here It used to bug me but now I just embrace it I mean, it's bound to happen when you both win a lot and are a pretty scummy organization.…
  • I see there are a lot of Pats haters here, bring it on! Bill looks like he has the team peaking for the playoffs. In any case should be a great game. It does sound like the football gods are gonna make it a cold one in KC on Sunday: https://twitt…
  • Murderbear said: BroRad33 said: I don't think we are going to get an actual trailer with episode footage, we may just get a couple of these short film things, or if we do get episode footage itll just be a little teaser like the one fr…
  • Hatorian said: dochielomn said: What I found interesting is how Kanter thinks there are a lot of spies in the UK but somehow these spies couldn't travel to the USA to get him if they really wanted to?  Did the Turkish gov't put out a h…
  • calebthrower said: I think it's safe to say that this final season is going to be the biggest event in television history 50 million people watched the M*A*S*H finale ... And if you're talking "events" things like the moon landing and World …
  • April 14! By my calculations that means the penultimate episode will air on Mother's Day.
  • Lol
  • That show had a great cast! - John Lithgow, Jane Curtin, JGL. 
  • pavlovsbell said: MrX said: I'm here for Santiago as Holly Gennero. And I'm here for Jake as Melvil Dewey. They are so perfect for each other. I'm so happy this show is back and on NBC. Fox would not have done that ABC joke w…
  • Screw a $25 bidet, I'm getting this $7,000 smart toilet. "Alexa, wash my ass!"
  • lol we're all going to hell because the modern world is a terrible place and everything you do hurts someone somewhere. Sounds about right!
  • I'm here for Santiago as Holly Gennero.
  • Hatorian said: Big winners will probably be from the below shows Expanse sharp objects better call saul mr robot They also were really high on The Deuce this season.  I'm guessing Barry and Atlanta on the comedy side. And maybe BoJack?