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  • After my first watch of the episode I was truly shocked by what Dany did , but I didn't have a problem with it like thinking it was character assassination or anything , maybe I just accepted her being the mad Queen as far as season 6 . The only iss…
  • After sleeping in on this episode I actually think it's one of the best ever that the show had to offer . I don't have any problem at all with anything that happened. I really wanted to see Jaime kill Cersei but their arc makes sense to me . The cle…
  • joepinetree said: For all the people who are saying that it's only a minority that disliked the last two episodes:Episode 4 is 57% on rotten tomatoes, episode 5 is 50%. The only other time GoT was below 75% was the sand snakes episode in S5, …
  • I am starting to change my view on the whole " Jaime was a redeemed person " guess Jaime was who he always been , there's honor in him , he saved the city , but he was still fucking his sister after he saved kingslanding and he still shoved a kid ou…
  • Anyone else thought the guys were a little over the top in their criticism in the instant talk? 
  • Loved the first episode, it's remarkable how they absolutely capture the atmosphere of the 80s . 
  • As a Barcelona fan since 2000 I been trying to forget the loss since Tuesday , I log in on the forms and see this and now the wound is reopened . Whyyyyyyy
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  • The short answer for your question is because it's a tv show and if Cersei kills everyone then what are they going to fill the last two episodes with ? You hit the nail on the head when you said " it was so out of character" this sentence actually s…
  • How come no one cares any more about having children out of wedlock . The show and the books make a big deal about being born a bastard , but seems like that concept just disappeared from the universe. Cersei is pregnant and wants to convince Euron …
  • Humans are truly hard to please
  • I just finished watching last night episode and I have one question : WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ?!
  • I been listening to few other GOT podcasts beside baldmove and its driving me crazy how those other people clearly read some leaks and they're passing it along as informed predictions.for example I had to stop Dave Chen and Joanna Robinson episode o…
  • Last night's episode explains so much why Janice partner was doing all if this on his own 
  • Jaime confession to brienne , anything Tywin is in and the hound scene with the chickens 
  • The world is a fucked up place right now , and islamophobia is a thriving business since 9/11 . Maybe it's time to pass laws to criminalize islamophobia , anti-Semitism and hate speech in general . 
  • Less than a day after 2nd annual and am already looking forward to 3rd annual. That was a lot of fun , great job to everyone involved
  • I believe this show warrants a " meh " response no matter how good it is  just because of Greenwalds involvmenin in it ,  that's his response to 95% of what's on TV
  • Been a user of the bidet for over 4 years now and I can never go back . Can't even use a bathroom if it doesn't have one. Just make sure you pay the extra 30$ to get the model with the hot water , hear that Jim ? LOL . You can't use the one with onl…
  • I felt the guys sounded a little bored toward the end of year , maybe they were just tired and looking ahead for the holiday break. Anyway am looking forward to great content in 2019 , baldmove enhances my tv watching experience . Happy New year to …
  • rkcrawf said: I am seeing rumors/feelers from some of the major news outlets that Hillary may run again. I just...I can't, man. I can't get my head around what that would be like. Trump would rally his base around it, Hillary will get some po…
  • Am out on arguing politics , or even arguing online about anything . And Trumpsters are the worst of the worst , they just love the ground Trump walks on, why? I have no fucking idea but there's no way to change their minds so if they want to be ass…