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  • Apparently it’s infected a Tiger now, so I guess it might be cross-species?
  • I imagine we’ll see a lot more politicians test positive in the coming weeks. 
  • Yeah even if he’s kind of incompetent definitely not a great development for various reasons. 
  • First time I saw a tweet about that I thought “Boy, The Terror has really seen an uptake in social interest lately for some reason”. 
  • I have a higher tolerance for WW reveals than most I think but if we get to the end of this season and most of what we watched was a simulation I think I’m done with this show. Although I don’t know that they’ve been greenlit for a season 4 yet so t…
  • Dispatch from the Land of Make Believe: As usual everyone here is whistling past the graveyard and assuming that everything will work out fine. I sent out an All Users email last Monday just to make double triple certain that everyone had the abili…
  • The title is presumably a reference to a moniker for the Statue of Liberty. 
  • Good board game night, played Exploding Kittens followed by Ticket to Ride Europe and Love Letter. 
  • So 7CT today then?
  • Just need a Tabletop Simulator download. We usually use the Discord for voice chat so that would be useful as well. 
  • Trump will get away with a lot of bullshit because almost no one is as much of a sociopath as he is to actually call him on his bluffs and entire generations of political neglect and malaise have rendered him immune to consequences. 
  • I mean this is the guy who tried to backchannel a vaccine for the US, and only the US, not too long ago. This isolationist bullshit doesn’t work when the entire country is already infected, alienating potential allies with nonsense just makes it les…
  • Thinking Saturday then at 6/7 CT, if y’all are cool with that. @JaimieT @Flukes @CapeGabe
  • So what day/time are we doing this week? I think we determined sometime earlier than 8 CT. 
  • Dispatch from Loony Town: Heard some casual conversations in the background while working about how this is all a conspiracy by either Bill Gates (because he correctly intuited a few years ago that we’d have issues responding to a global pandemic, …
  • I’d laugh if these people weren’t going to get themselves and others very sick and then die. 
  • Title is derived from a poem by Mark Strand “In a field I am the absence of field. This is always the case. Wherever I am I am what is missing.“
  • No there’s a lot of free mods in addition to the paid mods. You only have to subscribe to free mods j
  • Another success. Played a round of Exploding Kittens then a managed to finish a game of Wingspan. Gonna plan for an earlier start next week, I can do either Saturdays or Sundays or Friday nights so if those fit people's schedules better just let me …
  • Hall County closed for two weeks. 
  • I don’t know, depends on what people are interested in. Could try Wingspan again, could try some other games. 
  • So 8 CT again? @Hatorian @JaimieT @Flukes
  • I will tentatively plan for same time tomorrow?
  • I’m free again Friday night/this weekend (big surprise). 
  • It’s fucking ridiculous, I’ve already assumed that they’re too incompetent to turn off people’s badges but I literally can’t help them if they refuse to inform me an employee has quit when they’ve had a week’s notice. Again I’d cut them some slack i…
  • Dispatch from Crazy Town: This will require a little build-up: So, for security purposes, we have badge readers on all the doors to prevent people from just waltzing in, notably what with the pandemic and all, I was told to deactivate driver’s bad…
  • Dispatch from insanity-ville: Just had an impromptu meeting that was supposed to “cheer me up” somehow after I expressed some concern about the current state of the country; it was “explained” to me that, apparently, 5G “breaks O2 into separate Oxy…
  • Yeah we’ve had 10 cases in my county, which is 100,000 apparently so a small percentage, but we’re on the smaller side in terms of counties here. 
  • @cdrive I mean that’s the way we should have been doing this from the start, enforced quarantine for at least a few weeks wouldn’t totally solve the issue but it’s leagues better than the chaos happening now. You’re almost certainly going to see a d…
  • Lol, yeah well it’s sort of hard to divorce politics from the response to this crisis right now. I’m using this primarily as a thread to vent because otherwise I’d have a complete meltdown right now.