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  • Anyone else not seeing the first episode in HBO Max today?
  • What I do is basically make a recipe scrapbook, whenever I find my favorite online recipe I print it out (minus the backstory) and glue it or write family recipes on to some pretty paper and put it in an album. Best of both worlds! 
  • The Promise - Sturgill Simpson
  • @Teresa from Concord Yep!
  • Thanks for helping, Josh!  It looks like the podcast is live on iTunes now so you should be able to search and subscribe on any of your podcast apps as well! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/swizzbold-entertainment/id1538286522
  • I will say that the fun, after having watched it maybe 20 times in a row, of this for me was lessened *significantly* when it was brought to my attention that Doug (or Dawg) pulled out a switchblade and said "I'm gonna stab him".  I feel like I have…
  • JoshTheBlack said: I finished it over this week.  I really liked Bly Manor.  It is not horror.  It is a love story/character drama with horror elements, but it is NOT horror. It's a *love* story.
  • Michelle said: Some people argue over the stupidest things. OMG @Michelle get out of my search history!
  • I created a Swizzbold thread on Reddit for everyone to share your recs! https://www.reddit.com/r/swizzbold/comments/j814np/cinema_spooktacular_2020/
  • We are definitely doing Spooktacular this year! However we're moving it over to the Swizzbold network because I'm not with Bald Move anymore. It'll probably be only one volume this year as well. So keep the suggestions coming! We'll have further ann…
  • I couldn't find a specific thread for Bidet talk but I thought the community would enjoy this TikTok! https://twitter.com/user72682/status/1314121763089907712
  • @gguenot sending all the positive vibes I've got your way!  I'm so sorry to hear this; I'm glad she is staying strong and I have no doubt she (and you) will pull through this.  I'll be thinking about your family so please keep us updated!  I've got …
  • Wow @cdrive! I have...a recipe for sea floor? Oh, and Alexis gave me mermaid shoes!
  • Just in time, too. I don't know about anyone else but I just starting to wonder why I'm even still playing. 
  • New update! Swimming!! Pascal!!! Mermaid everything!!!!
  • Our 13yo Jack recently closed a bag of chips AND secured the chip clip when he was done eating!  
  • I'm just going to do it and delete later if @Dee asks me to. 
  • JaimieT said: Update about Covid-19 unemployment benefits. It took 6 weeks of headache, but my unemployment payments started coming. And it is... A LOT of money. Stay home, fuck yeah I'll stay home, I'll do anything you want rn. It's $800/w…
  • Dee said: This is the painting I’m thinking of, for reference. It’s called The Problem We All Live With.  Can I post this comparison to Twitter? That's a great catch, and I don't want to do it if you already have.
  • Along @Murderbear's lines, I used to work in the same office as Jerry Springer's accountant so I'd see him every April 15-ish for tax time. Also, I wasn't at the burrito meeto... @a_ron_hubbard WHO IS SHE 
  • My first ever villager, Teddy, just moved out  Now if I could just get Elise to move it along...
  • I've been toying with terraforming, making a lot of abrupt waterfalls!  It sucks that you can build cliffs but no water features coming off the top.  It's too dangerous up there?  My middle name is DIY.  (Unrelated to the danger thing.)
  • @JaimieT, yes!  I keep panicking when I check for KK Sonata thinking that even if I did get it, I'm not sure how I'd get it to you!  I'll open up my island next time I see you are on too!
  • I did it!!! I am the master of scorpion island!!!!
  • I'm checking for KK Sonata every day! Thanks for the tips!! I'm humbled in your presence.