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  • i was also disappointed. was engaged enough throughout to keep watching and thought the two leads did well with what they had i stuck with it thinking it may have something interesting to say, but, as far as i could didn't (very likely t…
  • i've stuck with it and have been appreciating it a bit more (...enough to keep watching, anyway) has anyone else kept up? opinions?
  • agree with the positive opinions on the show - remember thinking it was very good coverage would definitely be an unexpected treat!
  • has anyone else checked out the first episode? if so, what did you think? found it pretty unremarkable, but, may continue watching since i like some of the cast well enough...
  • Had really appreciated the first season but found season two very disappointing. What did everyone else think?
  • i'll shout out "In Treatment" (the US version) it was on HBO and starred Gabriel Byrne would recommend checking it out, if it sounds interesting to you (available to stream from HBOnow/…
  • have been appreciating this show more with each episode would recommend checking it out if anyone was on the fence (it is occasionally very upsetting though, of course)
  • Here's a direct link to the mp3 for anyone having issues:
  • have watched the first four episodes and have liked it well enough. hoping for more Alison Pill in the upcoming episodes (underutilized, so far, in my opinion. it's "only" 8 episodes, so, hoping they can start really exploring the ideas they've set …
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  • checked it out didn't blow me away, but, enjoyed the performances and like the cast, so, will stick with it
  • Used a Showtime free preview to watch the entire season in a week. Enjoyed it quite a bit (but wasn't thrilled with the finale).  Anyone else watch them all / what did you think?
  • still thinking about the finale (really enjoyed the show, overall), but, was anyone else reminded of this (:p) ?:
  • Not necessarily a super-great fit, but, is "Anna and the Apocalypse" on your radar at all? Said it may not be a good fit because it's a zombie (appropriate), musical [know you like them (I do too), but], Christmas movie. maybe at the end of the Spoo…
  • Watched it all last Sunday - thought it was very good. Interesting and funny - with all the episodes only being ~22 minutes, I definitely fell into the "just one more" thing...until there were none left
  • Just finished (watched all the episodes in ~a week) and thought it was very good. Did you finish it / what did you think?
  • I really enjoyed this - (It is by the same person as "Your Name", which, I haven't actually seen)
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  • I would second the recommendation for Frances Ha. It's currently available to stream on Netflix, if anyone was wanting to check it out -
  • Natter Cast said: If you want to see how Strangelove would have worked out as a serious film, check out Fail Safe. It's the same story, just done straight. It's a gripping film, but it's no Dr. Strangelove. I recall something about a lawsuit.…
  • I really, really enjoy "Submarine". It's written/directed by Richard Ayoade (he played Moss on "The IT Crowd"), adapted from a Joe Dunthorne novel. Guess it's a somewhat dark comedy. It's about a boy growing up in Wales... I'm very bad at describi…