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  • @Vasilnate1 @Thomas just let me know if it's not OK to post my opinion next week ok? That way you aren't forced to read my possibly positive feedback or opinions...that would be great, mkay thanks! I said sorry, your opionions are more than welcom…
  • When have you ever seen people *not* get mad about TV? I go off like a frog in a sock about stupid crap like Eastenders! Do you even go to this school?
  • Game of Thrones spinoff:  Tormund and the Hound I'd watch it. Though that actually sounds more like a morning radio show.
  • @OldGriswold Seconded.
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  • @Vasilnate1 I'm structural purist, ingredient neutral.
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  • @gguenot They asked me - I believe they wanted one in each Timezone. @hypergenesb is the other, aside from Jim, Aron and Cecily, of course.
  • @jazzminawa Oh, for sure science has a bias. I guess if you're looking at a study you need to consider who's paying for it, for starters. It's also the way media presents findings - we get the catchy headline like "HRT causes heart attacks!" but th…
  • @Michelle I guess the nearest thing we have to an iconic condiment is tomato sauce (ketchup). I rarely use it though, I hate the smell of it. Poor Lily grew up deprived of that particular Aussie staple.
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  • @Michelle Haha, Vegemite isn't a condiment though - we aren't slathering it on with everything else. Although a good sourdough toast and Vegemite with avocado is the duck's nuts. ;-)
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  • The thing that irks me about docos like What The Health is that there is actually a good deal of scientific evidence that a whole food plant based diet (as opposed to vegan, which could still be quite junky) can be effective in preventing, slowing, …
  • I miss sandwiches so much!  I can't eat bread anymore since my surgery, but - when I could - my absolute favorite was turkey, avocado, bacon, sprouts, cream cheese, and mayo on wheat bread.  *So* good! Is it that you don't eat bread or that it's jus…
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  • What is with you Americans and mayonnaise.
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  • @Dee - what about this vegemite i've heard so much about? Kids eat Vegemite sandwiches. Grown ups have it on toast.
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  • I don't really eat sandwiches much - Adelaide does not know how to make a good sandwich and I can't usually be arsed making my own. I have a toasted cheese one now and then and that's about as exciting as it gets. Occasionally, though, I'll get a …
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  • @aberry89 I wonder if it wouldn't have been better to have just quietly shelved it rather than make an announcement like that. Plenty of shows just never end up happening, so eventually it would have just been forgotten about. They've kind of martyr…
  • Which makes it all the more baffling that Trump would cut him loose. I mean, this is a guy who has access to a huge media platform and a die hard fan base and doesn't seem to give a fuck about spilling the tea. I knew Trump was dumb but this is some…
  • @davemcb How scary for you - it's probably a good thing he didn't know what was going on at the time though. Glad to hear he's okay.