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  • I loved Dinesh. I was kind of meh on where Jared ended up but he seemed happy. Best line was Jian Yang, “Monica, two men are talking business. Go find your broom and fly away somewhere.” His insults to Monica have been a highlight for me all season.…
  • The balls on that kid - he gets told he’s been warned by Santa and he just doubles down! 
  • Nope, that’s what phones are for. I haven’t owned a watch in years.  I do have a smart watch but it gives me a rash so I only wear it for a few days at a time. 
  • fidoz said: Raising Hope was a very underrated comedy. I loved that show. Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt’s chemistry and comic timing was what really made it. 
  • Reaper. A few years ago I went through this phase of catching up on shows that I’d heard were good but only got one or two seasons (My So Called Life, Wonderfalls, etc). Reaper was one of the gems I found then and I really enjoyed it. Ray Wise as th…
  • Cecily said: Dead Like Me - with Mandy Patinkin!  It was on Showtime, and I just looked and it's on Hulu right now, too.  It's about being randomly selected to become a grim reaper after you die.  I loved that show so much, and then it was ca…
  • Reno 911 
  • That’s the one! 
  • What’s that Canadian show with the punk kid and it’s set in the 80s? I like that one. 
  • @CretanBull Bakersfield PD is one of the earliest sitcoms I can remember not using a laugh track. I watched it again a couple of years ago on YouTube and it still holds up. 
  • Also also, I loved Northern Exposure back in the day. Ed was such an endearing oddball. 
  • Bakersfield PD! I’m pretty sure all the episodes are on YouTube (terrible quality but what can you do). It was about a big city cop (Giancarlo Esposito) who transfers to this little town that’s pretty white and kind of quirky. Ron Eldard was his new…
  • @LordBy Well, by that logic boomers who were stay at home mums shouldn’t get anything because they didn’t earn shit or pay taxes. 
  • @bizmarkiefader They don’t like their health cover, they like their doctor. Republicans and moderate Democrats are either implying or outright lying that with universal healthcare people won’t be able to choose their doctor. 
  • bizmarkiefader said: Why the system is broken isn't in doubt here, it's the baffling reluctance we have to do anything about it and the way we've been conditioned as a society to consider something that other countries take for granted as an imp…
  • Oh, here we go. This is gonna be the new Lost. 
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  • @CapeGabe Oh, nice - I love a beef stew so I’ll check that one out. I don’t know if I’ve ever made anything from her other than the soup, but I really should have a proper look at the site sometime when I’m trying to look busy at work. 
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  • I mentioned this soup on page 1, but I feel the need to pimp the recipe out - I’ve put a bunch of people at work onto it, and it’s my personal favourite soup ever. I’ve made it using regular green lentils and it’s still good, but the proper Puy lent…
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  • Chinaski said: perfect weather for tomato basil bisque soup and a grilled cheese. comforting to the max! You joined the tomato soup grilled cheese mafia! 
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  • I’m getting shades of old Lost discussions from this thread - where those who are die hard Lindelof stans feel the need to argue constantly about why those who are not so enamoured “don’t get it”.
  • I didn’t hate it, but this show does seem to be pretty far up its own arse, as all Lindelof pieces are, in my opinion. It’s worth watching for Regina and Tim Blake Nelson alone, so I’m still all in.  Is the groundskeeper/judge guy another Tom Mison?…
  • adobo1148 said: Dee said: @adobo1148 Almond chess pie? What is this new kind of pie? Asking for a friend.  It’s basically a conventional pie crust with a custard filling that’s not too sweet, with an almond crust-ish top. Really Goo…
  • @adobo1148 Almond chess pie? What is this new kind of pie? Asking for a friend. 
  • Michelle said: JoshuaHeter said: How’re everyone’s family political arguments going? ... good? I’ll say it again, #thankgawdforwine. My father, mother, and sister all support Trump and I’m just keeping my mouth shut & drinking …
  • Happy Thanksgiving Americans! 
  • Noel said: We will recover  #BaldMoveStrong