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  • mylifeaskirk said: They confronted and cornered the dirty FBI agent and him and his partner share a nod before she kills him. At the time I thought she was in on it. Then nothing else happened on that storyline. So does that mean that …
  • JaimieT said: The Queen. NGL, I cried pretty hard. As they say in my Fortnite streams: let's go, dude. "We will meet again." Wow, that really sums up this pain for me. I want to talk to whoever wrote that. How fucking thrilling to write t…
  • Season 4 of breaking bad I discovered Bald Move and many a commute, flight and long walk have been made easier with your good humour and great insights. Long may it continue! 
  • It was good to see Saul making his deals again... I always love watching fast-talking Saul bulldoze his way through cases. 
  • having been involved with Cyber-security for a large bank in the past, it is amazing how much of this social engineering is still relevant. We should have arranged screenings of this in the office! Thanks for another excellent review.
  • maybe it's because I'm on a different continent but i thought it was performing better lately... we really will be spoilt by these upgrades!
  • I had felt a bit jaded about BCS but the preview cast today has dragged me back in again
  • I remember seeing this in the Cinema when it came out and being blown away by the premise and action... hearing the Pod today, I am a little worried to watch it again but loved the Podcast! Thanks for reviewing another classic... I love these Bald M…
  • I am hoping that when 'Carnal by Romulus' cologne goes on sale in the Merch shop, it will be available in a 'reclaimed' Borg Cube box - limited edition. Shame it's so close to valentines. 
  • I'm very much looking forward to the addition of prints of Cmdr Data's masterpiece 'Ferengi Teeth', in Bald Moves Merch shop. A beautiful image. I am still laughing now. 
  • This was a fascinating Podcast, the Empire Businesses always are. I would like to point out that, although you didn't get the rewards (you expected and richly deserved), you built up a great catalogue of content In Pickle me this, that (even with Ji…
  • gguenot said: Thought I’d start a discussion thread for this. I thought it was excellent and the acting was top notch. Does anyone know what happened to the the guy when he was knocked unconscious? Didn’t seem like he was shot, what made him…
  • Schlupp said: I guess Lucifer wanted to set an example not to mess with soul contracts with the gruesome deaths of all the people even remotely involved. It's bad for the trade if humans just start to trade in stolen random souls. For hell sp…
  • seanray said: Huge Spoilers, please do Not continue unless you have seen it—- okay, you’ve seen it? What?!! So Louis Cypher was looking for Harry Angel the whole time? Harry Angel is Johnny Favorite, Then why didn’t Louis just take Harr…
  • We started yesterday. I think the casting is excellent as well but I think they have made Tobiaz mendes look a little too old for 1960s Phillip.. I loved the Spy in the Palace in the first episode too! 
  • I'm not sure if US viewers will have access to it but for Brits please can I recommend the Junior Bake off that is currently showing.. We get a new episode every day and these kids are impressive. I've taught 10/11 year olds how to bake cakes and th…
  • amyja89 said: It's the most England thing that could have happened. Our teams always find a way to give us some glory on the way to inevitable failure.  Summed up perfectly!! 
  • Mind you, after spending a couple of decades in the IT industry, I am heavily dependent on TLAs - three letter acronyms  
  • Seeing you guys suggesting good quality alternatives.. Maybe this is time to introduce the concept of BMAs (Baldmove Alternatives) where the guys and gals of bm don't have time for a show.. Im not sure but a BMA thread for each show could allow our …