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  • Been listening since the Night's Watch Podcast and have loved every minute of it. You guys almost single handedly transformed me from a Fox News Conservative into a bleeding heart, Bernie loving liberal. For that I will be forever grateful!
  • @Hatorian. I appreciate the invite, but I'm not really interested in Play by Post. The social/roleplaying aspect of D&D is what really sets it apart from other games for me.
  • I've been building my first custom D&D campaign setting. It's an ideal world about to be disrupted by the reintroduction of Magic. It's been very cathartic to create a society that values science and reason above all else.
  • Thanks @Michelle. No deaths have been reported. Just some gas leaks, small power outages, and some building damage. It was very minor where I'm at. It shook me awake and that's about it. I appreciate your concern though!
  • Salt Lake City was hit with an earthquake this morning, so that's the end of rational thought around here...
  • Madmen and Sopranos are the main ones I keep telling myself to go back to, and then I never do. I'm way too busy rewatching Buffy and Star Trek: TNG.
  • I work in a reference lab currently doing Corona virus testing, so a lot of people here won't be able to work from home. This was a pretty crazy week for us. Our test went live Wednesday night and we were running out of reagent so quickly that by Fr…
  • Can we consider the Baldies 2019 Deliberations for Best Drama in the next Baldies? I could watch Jim and Aron debate the merits of TV shows all day.
  • @A_Ron_Hubbard. In case you are still curious about Witcher 3 builds, I had the most fun going all in on signs, especially Aard (Fus Ro Dah), Quen (Sheild), and Axii (Charm). I love putting up my upgraded sheild, and letting the enemies damage thems…
  • @Cory.  I haven't read the books, but I've heard this first Season is essentially the first book. I believe the video games are based on some of the later books, so I'm sure there will be some overlap in future seasons. I've played The Witcher 3, an…
  • Damn, I'll miss this podcast. I might have to go back and listen to some of my favorites from the Kumail Nanjiani days. I wonder if this is a sign that Dan is serious about retiring after Rick and Morty. 
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  • Ad free feeds still include the "housekeeping" segments.
  • I'm in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Mountain Time.
  • Play by post doesn't sound super interesting to me, but I would definitely be down for another Baldmove 5e adventure if @CretanBull or someone else wants to DM a standard or West marches style game.
  • @Teresa from Concord  They covered Season 1.  You might need to find it on the website if it's not in your feed.
  • @CretanBull  I'm not sure how JWs classify themselves, but I believe they are not generally accepted as Christians because they do not believe in Jesus Christ as The Messiah and Son of God. Mormons definitely consider themselves Christians…
  • I introduced my roommate to Deadwood and binged it in time for the movie.  I'm introducing him to The Wire now, and he was just blown away by the "Fuck" scene in episode 4.  Other than that I'm excited for Big Little Lies, Black Mirror, and Handmaid…
  • Ditto all the show's recommended so far.  I would also recommend Ramy and Shrill as very good comedies that came out recently.
  • I think what @Hunkulese is getting at is the final season of Scrubs was actually renamed Scrubs: Med School and introduced a whole new cast, so it definitely feels like it was intended as a spinoff.  The Office might have felt like a different show …
  • Except Dan is no longer on Twitter, so we would need to harrass him on Instagram.  Our final option would be for Jim and Aron to get super famous, and then be super vocal about how much they love Rick and Morty.  If it works, they might even get to …
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  • Jim and Aron just need to start a true crime podcast and hope Dan Harmon discovers it.  He's already had like 3 or 4 true crime podcasters on his show.
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  • @Travis. Yeah, Season 4 of Angel was pretty rough.  There's a lot of good stuff in Season 5 though.  Cordelia comes back in You're Welcome (Season 5, Episode 12) for one episode.  Smile Time, A Hole in The World, and the finale Not Fade Away are oth…
  • @Travis  The last season of Buffy had some issues, but I think the actual finale is pretty good.  I absolutely love the Angel finale and will fight anyone who disagrees!!  Never watched Burn Notice or Heroes.
  • I don't know if Got is the worst finale, but for me it's definitely the most disappointing.  The show was so good for so long, and I was all in right up until the penultimate episode.  After that I couldn't invest in anything that was happening, bec…
  • This show is so ridiculous and funny!  No skit ever goes quite the direction you expect, and the way Tim Robinson delivers lines is so great!  I can't stop thinking about the skit where his date is taking all the good nachos, and his delivery of "Wh…
  • Good call, I figured resurrecting this thread might cause some confusion.
  • @Alkaid13.  Yeah, nicely done. I know first hand how many GoT podcasts there are, so that must have taken a while, haha.  TWD is the real beast though.  Best of luck to whoever tackles that one.
  • Finally finished all the deliberations and the awards show. Nicely done guys!  @A_Ron_Hubbard.  @Jim  I'm curious why the deliberations were organized the way they were.  Personally, I prefer to watch them chronologically in the order they …
  • I'm probably not gonna stay up for 24 hours for this one, but I'll definitely watch as much as I can.