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  • Elon must really want that "edit" button.
  • Sweep house - get everything in the dust pan - open door to remove the dust/trash - random gust of wind blows everything out of the dust pan.  Repeat.
  • Has The Offer been discussed anywhere? It's the miniseries about the making of The Godfather.  It may ultimately be pulp, but there's some big names attached to it.  A show about The Godfather should pass the "interest" checkbox, but does it make $e…
  • Yellowjackets was fun and made for a nice doubleheader with the Dexter miniseries.  I'm a little nostalgic for Cecily and A.Ron coverage because they would have been great on it.  However, that show turns into straight pulp.  The fact that Yellowjac…
  • Succession is obviously a big miss, but post-pandemic TV has been hard to follow in general.  I haven't seen anything about Station Eleven until I hit the forums.  And while we're on HBO, they aired 6 episodes of The Nevers and disappeared.  There's…
  • Logan must have flown Tom to his HQ at the end, right? Because the kids spent the entire afternoon driving while Tom was at the wedding, yet somehow Tom arrives around the same time.  Maybe they're commenting on the power dynamics... the kids take a…
  • If they wanted to trade for him, then clearly they like what they see and he may factor in long term.  Like I said, this might make more sense after Nino and Trocheck are off the books in '22 and there's plenty of cap space.  My guess is he performs…
  • CretanBull said: GredalBee said: Wow... you come at the king, you best not miss.  Good luck, Mr. Bergevin. I think Montreal will let him go.  We're deep at centre and $6.1 on a 1 year deal is crazy, because it means that after thi…
  • Wow... you come at the king, you best not miss.  Good luck, Mr. Bergevin.
  • Spider-Man was the first movie I went to see in theaters by myself in middle school.  AND they're potentially bringing back Charlie Cox from Daredevil, which I fully appreciated as an adult.  Dafoe, Molina, (maybe) Bruce Campbell are coming back... …
  • Raise your hand if you just traded your Calder finalist goaltender, let core character guys walk, lost Dougie, and brought in DeAngelo.  I'm completely disgusted.
    in NHL 2021 Comment by GredalBee July 2021
  • @Travis Good one.  Seth Bullock, Raylan, Deafy, the Hitman.  Was he a badass on The Mandalorian?
  • This is that picture people were trying to send @Jim and @A_Ron_Hubbard today.  He's working on #1 C.
  • Has a "0" champion been discussed? Like Gene Hackman is physically a 0, but has to be a full 1 on Character and Charisma.  He'd be middle of the pack with a 2.0 rating.
  • CretanBull said: The whole Tampa salary cap situation is BS, Carolina got screwed. I figure this is worth a bump after an 8-0 blitz.  The math said Tampa would have to lose key guys after they won the cup.  Johnson was actively shopped an…
    in NHL 2021 Comment by GredalBee June 2021
  • Tough loss, but I don't think anyone's beating a $100 million team.  Maybe the league will change some of the rules after Tampa repeats and LTIR wins the Conn Smythe.
    in NHL 2021 Comment by GredalBee June 2021
  • $250,000 fine for the Rangers because of their public comments.  I saw a great tweet that the Rangers should have just punched Tom Wilson in the back of the head 50 times and it'd be the same fine.
    in NHL 2021 Comment by GredalBee May 2021
  • A quarter of the way through the season and the Canes are thumping.  It took a few years, but Rod and Don wanted every line to compete at the centre position and I think they have it with Trocheck, Staal, Aho, and Paquette.  In my time following the…
  • I tuned in to this AMC+ trial and caught S10 of TWD commercial-free.  My expectations were extremely low, but holy crap they pulled it out of the dumpster.  They dialed back the grainy bullshit look, everybody is mostly competent, and there's some B…
  • Has anybody had to thin the heard during the pandemic?
  • Was One-Man Manger submitted to the Academy for best Short Film? BECAUSE IT SHOULD HAVE WON.
  • That's pretty dope.  Any chance he'd contract out a few? I have "unloaded cabinets" saved on Reverb just in case something pops up.  This has always been a goal for studio/apartment storage.
  • Anybody mess around with Aion FX? I like their sleek design and they have an impressive list of pedals already.
  • Teresa from Concord said: Just watched. Did anyone else notice issues with the sound? It sporadically got real loud like a truck was rumbling through the scene. It really took away from a good episode.  Yeah, it sounded like some really p…