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  • I’d go with the clippers. This time off is huge for Kawhi and George. 
  • Me and Jason we’re gonna try and play it this week but it got caught back at work. Not sure what his plans are for this weekend. 
  • asmallcat said: Started listening to a civil war podcast, which made me want to play Ultimate General Civil War again. I had a hardware failure that wiped my saves last time around after I'd played through the campaign all the way to cold har…
  • I think we have been de-memeitized by Covid. I experience the below almost daily. I bought a puzzle on amazon and then Facebook’s ads changed to almost exclusively puzzles. 
  • so calculating the votes the winners are below. i just did the original 36 vs. as the added ones dont have many votes.  1. Predator vs Aliens Winner: Predator 2. Taken vs John Wick Winner: John Wick 3. Saving Private Ryan vs Dunkirk Winner: Saving …
  • asmallcat said: Hatorian said: Damn! When I left the US I should have never done the ethically and morally right thing of submitting tax returns each year. I should have just not submitted or submitted $0 return as there would be no wa…
  • Damn! When I left the US I should have never done the ethically and morally right thing of submitting tax returns each year. I should have just not submitted or submitted $0 return as there would be no way for the IRS to know. Not only would this ha…
  • Btw since it’s Memorial Day weekend I’m down to play today/tonight if anybody else is in. 
  • Bombshell.  Watched it via wife’s request. And Margot Robbies in it.. Charlize Theron is amazing. She might be the best actress of my generation. She perfectly mimics Meghan Kelly to the point you almost think it’s really her. Her ability to trans…
  • Not-so-humble brag. 3 wins out of 4 games for the expanse now. Each win with a different faction too. Earth, Mars, OPA. 
  • So right now we have 3? I can get us 1 or 2 more. Or we can stay with 3
  • Man. I’d rather live at home with my parents than have another roommate. At least I know my parents habits and can stand them. I was done with roommates at 25. I couldn’t do it anymore. My last roommate was alright and we did have a good apartment t…
  • Man I was just defending my home base! I have no idea why Alkaid was so hell bent on taking Earth. It cost him too. If he would have just went to Mars or one other place he ties or Beats you
  • Do we have a count? Maybe can get one before you guys hit the hay tonight?
  • Double whammy. Same movie 2 grown ass man cries in different scenes...
  • CapeGabe said: Played The Expanse boardgame Saturday.  It could be the perfect game. You always feel like you are losing  You feel like you are being ganged up on You think your faction sucks You think the other factions are OP You think you …
  • Yep. I got another board game fanatic who wants in if we need players  he hasn’t played expanse but he’s experienced with Scythe, coup, love letter, etc. He really wants to play wingspan too
  • Dee said: I just watched this is England and man. This dude can act. I’ve always just thought of him as sort of a background secondary character like tommy in snatch.  But he has some extreme talents and can carry and entire movie by hims…
  • @Flukes we haven’t started expanse yet so you got some time to join
  • Sweet! I can’t believe I’m this excited for a board game night. But this is what happens when you have a lockdown and don’t get to go out and interact with people.
  • Are we doing 7 or 8? I can’t remember if we agreed to move it up
  • the toothpick taking out is the best part of the episode. only laugh out loud part for me this episode. such a genius move... PS i love Mark Hammill. 
  • added the below to get us to NCAA type tournament....for really no reason. im gonna add to it again probably as long as people like it and continue to vote.  REMEMBER there is a google sheets and if you voted above i added you so you just need to fi…
  • i cant stop playing Hell Let Loose. i only have so much game time and i want to finish a bunch of games like FF7 and Star Wars but i keep booting this up everytime. 
  • awookiee said: cdrive said: I could take this poll on another day and have a lot of different answers.  I guess that's what makes it such a good "versus" poll.  Like right off the bat I don't know what I was thinking not picking ET and…
  • All good man! I got you 
  • being alone: Under the Bridge by RHCP Feeling like a Baller/have Haters: Cant tell me nothing by Kanye feeling special: DNA by Kendrick Lamar