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  • I quit when BM quit. Then after like three or four beers one night (it doesn't take many these days), I tried to watch the first episode of last season's TWD. I think I made it all the way through. There was something about a glass floor that they h…
  • WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??????????? I mean, I know why. But still... fresh wound.
  • I didn’t @ them but I guess I did add to the problem. Sorry about that. I really hope you weren’t flogged.  Cough three times in succession during Lunch tomorrow if you need us to alert HR or the BBB or Tony Stark or someone to free you of your slav…
  • I just listened and was also saddened at the abrupt ending. Even though I was somewhat suspicious at the 33 minute run time, I still cried a little when it fell flat. Then I got over it. Now I’m back to being weepy.  I didn’t want to say anything fo…
  • I got in on the Disney+ deal. Got 3 years for $140.97. I think it was 33% off the regular monthly price. Have three very young kids so this was a baller of a deal! That promo is over now. Sorry chums. I have no interest in Apple TV.
  • Thanks for all that info, JoshTheBlack. I definitely added the Firehose feed, which I guess is the problem as it limits the amount of available podcasts. The last one available is GoT 805 - The Bells Instant Talk from May 12. I'm just being lazy or …
  • ken hale said: SPOILER-filled angry review to follow:Finally finished episode 9 (?). This season felt like a different, shittier show.  Focusing on a single investigation was not a good idea, and didn't play to the show's strengths, which wer…
  • Puffy vagina? In "Anatomy Park," Rick tells Morty he dodged a bullet because the young scientist girl had a "puffy vagina." J & A broached this topic in their podcast today but did not discuss... how did Rick know this personal detail about her…