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  • Btw to any American company doing business in China, make sure you’re hiring people who speak the language. Seems pretty basic yes?
  • Upon rewatch it would have been perfectly fine had they just had Christian Slater charm his way into Olivia’s bed, get the that key code and been gone. I would have thought Well great the Mr Robot personae really came in handy. That Esmail instead u…
  • This episode got me thinking, given everything Elliot has done, what kind of ending does his character deserve. Can he just get some closure to this particular chapter of his life, like maybe never hack anyone ever again and just work the geek squad…
  • May be right up there with my all time favorite episodes for a variety of reasons. I loved how it was Mr Robot who asks Olivia for a drink, bit when its Elliot who has to muddle through the awkwardness, I thought well of course, it would have been p…
  • Couldn’t you see Henry being a possible suitor for Lady Rose.
  • Henry really grew on me. I kept thinking he was  right out of central casting for some random BBC Victorian era drama.
  • Someone please kick the shit out of Mark Zuckerberg. Bauer? 
  • Pelosi? McConnell? Bauer, Jack Bauer?
  • He’s going to invite Richard Spencer, Alex Jones, and every crazy alt right person to the Oval Office for a big photo op, while giving a big fuck you to the camera. He’s gone scorched earth, just how much further shame does he bring to the office be…
  • That would to be to ghastly for my taste, then again, Ive always had a weak stomach for stuff that graphic.  
  • RedRanger9001 said: So if the third alter was baked into the beginning, then that could explain why Elliot doesn't recognize Darlene when he first meets her in S01E01. I like the idea that Elliot isn't the prime personality.  Someone else is …
  • With all the pomp over who “the other one” is I hope this doesn’t distract us from wtf Zhang/Whiterose’s master plan with a particle accelerator and the Congo.  Maybe it’ll be a double reveal. Well like the guys said, if Esamil can stick this landin…
  • bazjenster said: On a serious note, what day is it available in the US?  This Friday 
  • bizmarkiefader said: That episode was really good, I read though a bunch of theories about the third personality and most of them hinge on that dream sequence in season 1 which is really interesting. I almost forgot about that scene but the l…
  • Just came across an interview where Esmail said he doesn’t intend this to be a gotcha twist, that if the writers did their job, it will be an earned reveal, and the audience will look back on the show and say “ Oh shit of course”. Im already prepari…
  • Im a little fearful we’re going down a S2 mystery shitshow wrapped in an enigma but I gotta believe Esmail learned from those mistakes. That conference room is right out of the S1 pilot and hasn’t been shown since. Time Travel theories anyone? Plus …
  • Elliot/Mr Robot/ and...............what the hell Esmail????????? Could it be us? Vera was looking right into the camera as if he was 4th wall breaking. 
  • Henry has grown on me. Loved when Paul was about to give him a handshake and tells him to shut up. 
  • Michael provided a good amount of drama, no?
  • These guys really suck at corruption. Seriously, isn’t plausible deniability a basic trick of the trade. These guys skip the plausible part and go straight to deny, no matter how incredulous. 
  • Amazing how David consistently gets 2nd in the technical. He could be the first season winner who never wins star baker.
  • “Give me a hoover.......uhh......350,.....with aaaaaa filter, ya know bitch” Thats not what he said but easily the funniest scene. 
  • The Dark Army’s reach is starting to have An Agent Smith proportions or maybe more like The John Wick Universe, where anybody could potentially be an assassin. Either is truly terrifying. Im predicting some kind of Avengers assemble moment where all…
  • Anyone in the top brass at PG&E who’s friendly with Trump? Be a  Hella gangsta move yes?
  • Good luck to all Cali residents in the affected areas. Jesus this sounds like a recipe for social unrest.
  • Given the holidays and everything looking jolly and merry, Aron will be dropping some serious TTDAB . Hope he still enjoyed the episode 
  • Is there any significance to Zhangh/Whiterose only being in partial drag. I couldn’t tell if he/she had the makeup and there for sure was no wig. This is the first season whete Elliot is in complete control of his environment and most importantly h…
  • Im not sure how I feel about Mr Robot talking to the audience. It initially felt discordant, but I suppose it makes sense given the detente established between the two. As the season evolves it will no doubt be a regular fixture of the show. 
  • Uhh first off HOLY SHIT............. second, I kept thinking its Irving shooting him up, when It was Sam Esmail, I had a visceral fuck yeah reaction. Finally I love how Esmail set up this season, with each character under the thumb or thumbs of some…