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  • I did watch the first episode of Mindhunter. I'm not sure what makes it stand out from the crowd. In Sharp Objects, there is a lot to sink my teeth into; small town rural midwestern life, troubled familial relationships, a tinge of paranormal, etc. …
  • Just made Battlepass level 100 tonight! Whoo! I also need 4500 more XP to unlock the cool Omega arms.  I got everything else I wanted, including the visitor skin for 100% 7 out of the 10 week challenges. I might try to complete the other three weeks…
  • Yeah, I'd almost consider switching to apple just because why not, but man, I am firmly entrenched in the Google sphere. Bald Move's life blood is Google Apps, and it's super nice to just put in my email address, password, and 2FA challenge and my n…
  • Great suggestions so far, I'm going to throw Boardwalk Empire season three's hat into the ring. The retribution of Richard Harrow was worth the price of admission alone. BWE:S3, Wire:S4, Justified:S2, Leftovers:S2, BrBa: S4 are all up there though.…
  • Made it to $10k!  Whoo!!  Thanks everyone who has supported thus far!
  • That was quality hour of television. I am intrigued. I'm feeling myself more willing than usual to go down whatever rabbit hole they want me to because it's only 8 episodes and they HAVE to give me answers. Wind Gap reminds me so much of the rural …
  • Or a Moto G6 Play? That one also looks very interesting and inexpensive.
  • @MattyWeaves, I think what you're really trying to say is that BaldMove needs an e-coin to facilitate investing in commissioned podcasts. BaldCoin in 2019!
  • Does anyone have a Lenovo P2?  It's battery looks bonkers, over 5000mAh, and I can get one for $180...  I'm also thinking of replacing the battery on my Pixel and just waiting for next year and see what comes out.
  • Thanks @Alex for starting the thread. 5000mAh!  That's twice the size of the pixel, that's sounding niiice. The only con I see is using the shitty old micro-USB connectors. It will be hard to go back from USB-C.  It's too bad the Zen Phone 3 Zoom d…
  • Going tilted is one thing, landing in bum fucking retail gas station, taking forever to loot, and being indecisive about your rotations while the other team is slaying out of tilted is quite another. 
    in Fortnite Comment by A_Ron_Hubbard July 7
  • Watching Ninja and Hysteria play ultra conservative against two of the biggest pub stompers in the game is maddening. I've got a tension headache and sinus infection and I'm just not having it.
    in Fortnite Comment by A_Ron_Hubbard July 7
  • cdrive said: Ooh or maybe save Hereditary for the @A_Ron_Hubbard & @Cecily ‘month of October’ horror marathon... Yeah, I think that's a lock.
  • cdrive said: @Jim & @A_Ron_Hubbard , Would y’all consider reviewing Hereditary?  I’m listening to a Slate podcast on it now and it’s got me hoping y’all will do one.  Without spoiling the movie, I think you two would both have cool shit …
  • I've noticed that Ninja gets sloppier and sloppier then he'll have a bad snipe death and get religion again. It seems cyclical, haha. To be fair, when he's competing he rarely heals or loota in the open. 
    in Fortnite Comment by A_Ron_Hubbard July 6
  • JaimieT said: roxbombers said: That was a great stream.  Awesome to see some gameplay that isn't superstar level and get some laughs.  The clinger and cough deaths were really solid. I assume you're trekkygurl on Twitch @JaimieT ? …
    in Fortnite Comment by A_Ron_Hubbard July 6
  • Yeah, mostly vacations, plus not a lot of movies that I wanted to see for various reasons. I'll definitely see Ant Man, maybe even this weekend, but it didn't feel like a must review, and as Jaimie said, I don't have the stomach for drug war shoot '…
  • Also, let's de-escalate the thread. I think there are some misinterpreted jokes and some naturally prickly personalities mixing poorly but I'm not going to let that get in the way of gathering valuable feedback. Everybody now argue about my post.
  • As this discussion illustrates, it is really hard to satisfy all of the cool conditions that made the commissioning experience fun and rewarding. 1) The price. Back when we envisioned it, we thought the price would make commissions so exotic that w…
  • No worries, @Bhorten1.  Also, I totally forgot today was the 4th. So I'll be playing FORTNITE tomorrow from at least 4pm to 6pm.  Trying to grind for BattlePass level 100 and player level 40 with one week to go!
  • I know Eric has one that he likes. The problem is he has like four forum identities. @Wahl-e, @Eric, @HolyBlotterBatman
  • I think there is room for both. Straight up slaying is probably the most exciting, where as ranked finishes after x amount of games is probably the better judge of skill, while kind of dull. It's like NFL vs Arena Football. 
    in Fortnite Comment by A_Ron_Hubbard July 3