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  • russkelly said: Oh, look at this old thread... Cool! ***Dusts it off***  So what are you guys eating? We do the Chinese thing, too. It is what it is. Also, I read in a novel (maybe A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? Not sure...) that tangerines are a…
  • You have a point @Kela15!
  • He is definitely michonne and ricks. You figure michonne was 5 minutes pregnant when Rick blew up last week. 10 months pregnancy, plus a 5-6 year time jump. Absolutely that kid is real. I turned on the captions when she was in the dark kitchen with …
  • When I visited a dispensary in Seattle over the summer, the employee that I talked with was extremely helpful when it came to helping me find what I needed.i was looking for something for pain and anxiety, not recreation. But I bet they’re just as h…
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  • I ASSumed the noise from the bridge fire and walkers crashing in heaps into the river was probably pretty loud and drowned the copter noise out. All that, and Michonne’s screams. 
  • hitmy said: I called the helicopter thing Although, I had thought Rick was an "A"... Hes a "B" though? What the hell is an A then? I think he IS an A, but maybe he’s a B because he’s badly injured??
  • I don’t know what to say, honestly... I didn’t hate it.
  • Well well well... it’s almost time for Rick Grimes’ last episode to start. And maybe my last episode as well. Time will tell. Waiting on my sister and 9:20 to start the show. God, they’re making a huge mistake in every way: the spoilers I’ve read if…
  • I say biopic also...  because when you shorten biography you say bio and bio and pronounce it that way (I recently read a great bio of Martin Luther King jr) 
  • @Murderbear that’s why I wasn’t overly concerned about spoilers because of the post title im going to edit it now though, just for my own OCD tendencies. Thanks @Michelle I couldn’t remember the formatting and like I said I saw my stuff but then i…
  • If anyone wants to reformat that if it isn’t hiding spoilers fee free to - I don’t see the spoilers but then I see them so not sure?? 
  • Q&A Episode 9.5 “What Comes After” The time has come. Are we ready? Big thanks to our fantastic source! PLEASE be mindful about sharing spoilers. Posting this on social media where unsuspecting fans can stumble across these spoilers is not the p…
  • @Murderbear ah yes. Georgie. Such am awful character I erased her from my mind. Since it’s mentioned above, here’s some Maggie info and other stuff in a SPOILERY RUNDOWN OF WHOLE EPISODE NEXT COMMENT:
  • Bowie YES!!! Rolling Stones/mick jagger no thanks, I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns clapton I love his music, don’t know much about his life honestly. I’d check it out probably  
  • These two aside (Freddie and Elton) I cant think of anyone else with the right combination of interesting AND kickass music that I would want to see a movie about their life... hmmm. i am super excited about Elton
  • Murderbear said: He'll be unconscious or they will lie to him or something like that. Because you're right, Rick wouldn't knowingly do that. Also since we are in spoiler territory here anyway, @TaraC73, have they said anything about how Magg…
  • Yeah not bigger in a bad way at all! And yeah, I’m sure we all look different than what others imagine hahaha!
  • Btw @Hatorian you look nothing like I pictured you! Not that I can say how I pictured you... but not like that. You’re much younger looking and bigger than I pictured.
  • Hey-oooooh it’s Mike the Man Trout!!
  • Do you like the brat pack movies? 16 candles/breakfast club/weird science/pretty in pink... Comedies in no order  meatballs Airplane caddyshack Vacation (pretty much all of them are awesome) porkys Smokey and the bandit xannonball run Naked gun (al…
  • telephoneofmadness said: 5 episodes in. Oh no, people being haunted by ghosts of themselves, from the future. Stop trying to make future-ghosts happen. They're not going to happen. Do you want future ghosts? Because that’s how you get fut…
  • I read how rick is going to die. He is definitely going to die on screen, no doubt about that. The spoiling dead fans over on Facebook have it down, and they’ve been right 99.99% of the time with their source’s information.
  • The White Album
  • ken hale said: First episode impressions: this is obviously well-made, well-written, and compelling.  I'm definitely having a hard time telling all these sisters apart, though. ken hale said: First episode impressions: this is obvi…
  • Oh man... I know three people who are diehard Apple users since the get-go, and all three regret their decisions. Best of luck to you!  I can’t imagine ever switching. Apple for life!
  • I am wildly in love with Bradley Cooper, and am a fan of Lady gaga. I don’t know if i’ll Get to see this in the theaters,  but I really want to see it. Especially after reading an interview with him saying he used Eddie Vedder as a model  for his ch…
  • I noped out of the show at the end of this episode. I was psyched to see Robot Bates shoot and kill Sarah Paulson, and then to just have her walk right back into the show as a different character? *eyeroll* I’ve never been a fan of witches, I find…
  • mwspiak said: another TWD podcast bites the dust. Very telling the state of the franchise seeing the guy that does the Walker Stalker con is tapping out. They said they will only cover the first 6 episodes. No idea why they wouldn’t do the fi…
  • @iMatty94 what’s the name of the podcast so I can find it?