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  • @JaimieT yeah I assume it’s this dude everyone’s talking about... super nasty LOL
    in Fortnite Comment by TaraC73 March 17
  • A_Ron_Hubbard said:And I get that the low budget is part of the appeal, but I think that only carries so far.  Last week he showed what a disgusting pig sty his workstation had become, with just empty fast food containers, bowls, glasses, kleene…
    in Fortnite Comment by TaraC73 March 17
  • I can’t stop watching this. Lol @ that last scene with spidey and dr strange. 
  • I took my girls to see The Greatest showman tonight... it was great! Very musical, day dreamy, sometimes predictable, kinda-of-Disney movie-ish (zac effron and Zendaya are in it) ... my 6 year old didn’t BUDGE except once toward the end she had to p…
  • My younger, but much wiser, brother @Frakkin T introduced me to the guys way back in the prison season of the walking dead (was that season 3?)  I am so glad I listened to him... a while after he introduced me to BM he insisted that I start to watch…
  • Next time wrap the pizza and put it in the fridge... no contractor mistaking it for his, and no potential for food poisoning.
  • Michelle said:   @TaraC73 - team RNY!  *high five!!*
    in Bald Health Comment by TaraC73 March 16
  • CretanBull said: My gf's suggestion is this - tell the contractor that we suspect the superintendent took a slice and ask him if he saw anything, see how he reacts. This was going to be my suggestion... “hey *contractor* did you notice *s…
  • I will say that in the past I lost 85lbs by strictly counting calories. It works. But to lose a large amount of weight and successfully keep it off forever is extremely difficult and only a small portion of people can do it.
    in Bald Health Comment by TaraC73 March 14
  • @russkelly absolutely have the talk. My doctor brought it up randomly at my physical one year and that got my wheels spinning. See what s/he has to say. I am sure they’ll be supportive!! 
    in Bald Health Comment by TaraC73 March 13
  • russkelly said: Hey, Balders. So last week I did a sleep study and now I have a CPAP machine to help me breathe at night. Apparently, I was having severe breathing problems, which would explain (at least in part) why I am so tired all the dam…
    in Bald Health Comment by TaraC73 March 13
  • I don’t know jack shit about Twitch, but I’m all for taking copper from Bezos — what do I have to do!?
  • ggalasso@gmail.com said: At least your username isn't your email address, without any way of ever changing it. Stupid automagical login password manager.  Grr.  Laughing with you, not at you @ggalasso@gmail.com
  • If I am making them at home I do Corn hard shell and flour soft, and my son and I put hard inside soft that way when/if corn breaks all the fillings are contained. I put out beef, shredded cheese, guac, sour cream, lettuce and sliced hots. Mmmmmm I’…
    in TACOS!! Comment by TaraC73 March 2
  • Anyone who supported in the past, check your emails for a donation link!  Good luck!
  • Oh man I opened this post hoping to see some Bald Move skin
    in Peep Show Comment by TaraC73 February 13
  • @chrisk I said the same thing... his voice is all wrong. that aside, I am excited for this one! Han is one of my favorites
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  • Chinaski said: i kept clickin. and clickin. and clickin. then refreshing. and refreshing again. finally realized it's not thursday. another shot was a bad idea.. see ya guys tomorrow Tonight,@Chinaski... tonight!
  • https://youtu.be/iXOIV-G4NL0
  • 10k rats and guy with a gun  The rats will carry me and the guy up to a high point and he can kill all the rest.
  • My fantasy car - Kit from Knight Rider I would make one change - i would paint him purple! My ideal, practical car - while I LOVE my pathfinder, something bigger would be more practical for me ... space for 5-6 asses AND 2-3 hockey bags. Chevy Sub…
    in CARS Comment by TaraC73 January 27
  • I agree - they are a thing and hurt like hell!!! ever hear the George Carlin bit about how a guy’s brain tells him to stop peeing if a sneeze is about to come out? Same concept!