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  • Kinda wish you were doing an instant take or a 1 day later take. We don't need a recap for this show, but 15 minutes of general thoughts would be nice
  • Not only did he make detective, but he was a homicide detective that worked major cases. It's baffling and really sad
  • I want a 13 episode season of punisher killing groups of criminals. They can be 10 minute episodes, it's just so damn cool!
  • Too bad you guys spoiled in the first podcast that it was Punisher. I thought for sure it was Negan
  • Although I don't quite understand how the opening fit with the episode, I thought this was another great episode. I agree that I don't think Jimmy stole the money from his father
  • I really enjoyed this episode after what I thought was a slow one last week. I missed the Crazy 8, thanks for bringing it up. Personally I love the character of Jimmy because I see a lot of myself in him. Who cares if something is working right? T…
  • The commercial was pretty great. The bad thing is that when Jimmy tries to do the right thing he gets in more trouble then when he misbehaves. I can see why he becomes Saul. His brother sabotaging him instead of helping him just pushes him more into…
  • As a police officer I can tell you that him calling out the plate has a lot of possible explanations. He could of been confirming the color, or doing paperwork on it. It is weird that he didn't remember why he ran the plate though
  • I don't feel bad for him at all. He had more then enogh time, but he chose to do other things. Hell, it's been 20 years and he hasn't finished the story, or even started the last book. He knew he was on a clock once the series started, and he didn't…
  • Anyone else think we are going to have a flashback episode of what Sam is doing upstairs
  • Right now just Heroes of the storm and Sword of the Stars PIt. I wanted to be able to stream and play. I forgot that people have little interest in watching a stream with a crying baby in the background. People are not hardcore enough
  • Good to know it isn't always pennies. I just bought a real nice Gaming laptop and was hoping you guys would get a nice cut of it