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  • Anyone who entered federal property illegally should be charged with treason. Trump should be charged with treason for trying to overthrow the American elected government. No stops, I'd prosecute anyone involved in this so it never happens again.  …
  • I think it's an okay show. I binged through it about a year ago and wasn't that impressed but thought it was entertaining. 
  • WW84, oof 3/10. The opening scene was good and it was all downhill from there. I love Pedro Pascal too, but his character was a mess.  Whispers of the Heart - 8/10, my little kid and I and going through the G rated Studio Ghibli movies on HBO Max. I…
  • Michelle said: Giovanni said: Doesn't ring a bell, but maybe Agricola?  That's what it was. Thanks! Happens to be one of my favorite games. There is a great app for it too if y…
  • Doesn't ring a bell, but maybe Agricola? 
  • I assumed you'd have to pay per movie viewing - like Disney did with Mulan - but they're all going to be included in the price of the HBO Max subscription. That's an insane value! I already thought HBO was the best value of the streaming services. …
  • Are you assigning a static IP address to your TV? Can you review the logs in your router to see what's going on? When you say it kills your router, is your router still accessible through a web browser? When this happens what do the activity lig…
  • Can't wait to see Dune! Take my money! 
  • One thing Covid has shown me is how little self control the average person has, all over the world and particularly in the U.S. All it takes is a little restraint to be safe and only make essential trips, but so many people either don't care or lack…
  • So, we just got done watching Fargo season 1. Absolutely fantastic. I even went back and listened to some of the podcasts from the guys. Had no idea this was an anthology series, so I can just jump right in to season 4? 
  • So what's the appeal with LaRussa? He's old, managed in a completely different era, probably cares nothing about analytics, and isn't someone who would be a good role model for young players (see recent DUI). What am I missing here? 
  • Looking forward to it! 
  • Well I realized tonight I hate the Rays less than I hate the Astros. Hah. I'll be rooting for whoever wins in the NL over them. 
  • jluzania said: Who misses their former player more, Cards fans and Arozarena or Red Sox fans and Betts? Gotta be the Cards fans. Arozarena outperforming Betts for a fraction of the cost and many years of team control left. Nevermind that A…
  • I haven't listened to the pod yet, but this is one of my all time favorite movies. Thanks for commissioning it!  One of the lasting images I remember from the movie:
  • Cory said: Giovanni said: So, I'm somewhat satisfied that the Rays are beating up on Houston, but at the same point I hate the Rays. So double edged sword, at least one team I hate will play in the World Series.  Curious why you …
  • So, I'm somewhat satisfied that the Rays are beating up on Houston, but at the same point I hate the Rays. So double edged sword, at least one team I hate will play in the World Series. 
  • This is real painful, but gotta admit it's one helluva at bat. Can't take anything away from the guy, he won that game.
  • Super excited about Yankees and Rays game five. Pitchers going on short rest, lots of hate between the two teams, mostly tight games so far. Should be fun. I hope whoever wins goes on to destroy the Astros. 
  • I think the December time is a good date personally. I usually have more time to watch TV around then, not less. Maybe I'm in the minority. 
  • Man, I still think the Rays are the best team in the AL. They have really good pitching. Wouldnt be surprised if they knock off the Yankees and Astros. 
  • Is this even worth watching? I can't imagine the Heat avoiding a sweep. I don't follow the NBA much so maybe I'm wrong. 
  • This guy has cost how many tens of thousands of people their lives? I hope he is scared as hell. Serves him right. Unfortunately I can't see this making any difference at all. 
  • Teresa from Concord said: Showing my team some love  That game the other night was fantastic. One of the best playoffs games I've seen in awhile.  Looking forward to this series with the Rays, especially with all the bad blood between…
  • Great stories you two!