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  • @sean.ray 1) A Few Good Men 2) Meet the Parents?  “Kent puts his name on his license plate. My mom does the same thing to my underwear. Your mom puts license plates in your underwear? How do you sit?”
  • Really sad to see the olympics come to an end... was really digging watching obscure sports I didn't know existed or never get to see. Examples: 1) Team luge (who knew luge relays were a thing?) 2) Mass start speed skating (though the point system n…
  • My first thought when Shiva bought it was, well that freed up some CGI budget... then I was like, aw shit wrong show. Perils of following TWD and GoT podcasts in the same week.
  • Have y'all seen the twitter account @hopperdancingto? Just lost 15 minutes of my life rewatching the Fresh Prince one and giggling like a little girl. I probably need sleep.
  • MrX said: Thomas said: hi I really don't care for all these new characters.  Especially the California kids.  They are extremely annoying.  Sean Astin's character and Paul Reiser's are welcomed additions, but I don't care for anyone el…
  • Bob wanted to move the family to Maine (hello Stephen King reference). Poor guy was screwed no either way.
  • When I heard "stay frosty" I was like, "ooh, another Aliens reference" and then the references kept coming! The range finder, the cut to static on the camera... they were one "game over man" away from this being my single favorites episode of tv eve…
  • Someone is credited as "vigorous hand job guy." His mom must be so proud.
  • Random thoughts with no one else to share with... was so glad to hear Aron refer to this as "House of Cardinals." The Young Pope so reminds me of Frank Underwood I spent the whole first episode calling it "House of Mass Cards." The old cardinal with…
  • I'm fascinated by the inclusion and position of Grease 2. You need to frame that list. Grease 2 is an absolute masterpiece. ;-) And now I have "Let's Bowl" stuck in my head...  I obviously agree with your assessment.
  • Last episode Angela made a comment about getting high and watching Back to the Future and in the van they were playing a song from the dance. Lolita? The motivational poster? What does it all mean?!?