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  • RyanReeseman said: I don’t think we talked about Fear Inoculum enough as a species. That album fucking rips from beginning to end.  I have a great tool story by my lame ass standards. Ok a good pal got me a ticket during the Lateralus tour…
  • I’ve been on a kick lately of listening to a lot of songs with great bass. Public image - public image, janes addiction - summertime rolls, price is right. The whole what’s going on album, white lines, etc. right now its Charles Wright and the Watts…
  • I haven’t played Madden in forever but I just thought of something that got me kinda amped...can you put legends on the same team like you can 2k? Like, can I put Jerry Rice, Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor on the same team? Cause I will download tha…
  • Just got back from my Mom’s and feel better after seeing her ceiling damage. I thought it was the whole ceiling but it’s only a 10’ dia. hole in a guest room. Still bad but not catastrophic.  Whole rest of the house is fine and has power. Kids and I…
  • New Gear Day!  My bass finally arrived and seeing it in person makes the 2 month wait totally worth it. So glad I didn’t get jumpy for another color or a short scale Mustang bass.  Ready to lay down some bass tracks!
  • New release Friday is kinda quiet so for happy hour I had this old mixtape book edited by Thurston Moore. Right now I’m rippin thru this mix:
  • Was just now able to barely squeak out my first hot shower since Sunday. Wow that was great.  We’re still under boil water notice until Monday but finally had enough water pressure. 
  • Incredibly kind of you JTB. I’m ok and Freddy said he’s alright too. Lots of folks are suffering though. Very bad situation. 
  • @TxSandMan @Thegelatoking , Gabe, Dustin, @fidoz
  • Our power just came back on!!!  Geez that was rrrrough. Had been out since 1:30 am Monday.   Now please just stay on! 
  • @Hatorian hope you pull out of this okay, buddy.  
  • JoshTheBlack said: I think we're going to keep seeing companies acting more swiftly to clean house when people out themselves as bigots as a sort of reaction to 1/6 and the festering of intolerance that has been allowed in American politics. …
  • Dee said: cdrive said: The part about her mocking pronouns was interesting with the news today that Pedro Pascal celebrated his sister recently coming out as transgender. He’s a gem. She’s a phlegm.  She did actually apologise for …
  • The part about her mocking pronouns was interesting with the news today that Pedro Pascal celebrated his sister recently coming out as transgender. He’s a gem. She’s a phlegm. 
  • @asmallcat dang man, but how do you REALLY feel!? Haha. Show me on the doll where the Olympic swimming medalist hurt you. Some counter points: Bill Russell didn’t have to wait in 4 year intervals to rack up 11 rings in 13 years. Phelps, Simone Bile…
  • I mean, 10 of those 23 gold medals are relays but ok 
  • Y’all are cute.
  • I adore this dude: My good buddy, who is a wild man like this, who looks and acts so much like Jack Black (my spirit animal) just bought a house in my hood like 5 blocks aw…
  • Travis said: Happy Friday everyone! Just tossing it out there, if anyone wants a playlist of "slow" songs and you have Spotify here is a growing list from this Top 50 Slow Songs (Mix Tape Rules) thing that I'm a part of on Twitter. I…
  • Omfuuuuuuuhhhhg!!!! I’m dead y’all. Call a morgue.
  • I can’t be the only one who has casually background-watched Batman Begins when all of a sudden a baby King Joffrey pops into the movie, right?!  
  • Tomfoolery is buying alum pint bottles of macro beer to feel like I’m getting a beer at the Rockets game, but then still pouring it in a glass. Also was thinking about Burns Night, and trying to remember if I’ve ever braved haggis, but then I could…
  • One of my most favorite moments from The Office which started many years of talking like this for grins:
  • @Travis. THE Bob FUCKING Nastanovich!? That’s so cool, man!!!!!