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  • soooo few watchable episodes of seasons 1. Conspiracy was good. it's not ep 1 or 2 though. I always love John DeLancie though, so....
  • i think you can see it now actually... i logged in and it's now visible
  • you can log in if you aren't logged in as a club member. it's the reverse of what it should be. at least right now, i said something in youtube chat
  • I thought there was a word cautified, a combination of cauterized and petrified, which meant that something had grown stale and obsolete. Then I saw the word codified. Oops.
  • There's probably two good seasons worth of Voyager episodes out of the 7. Whereas ds9 has 5-6 good seasons worth and tng maybe 4-5. Original series 2 good seasons worth out of 3. Don't remember enough of Enterprise though I liked it more than Voyage…
  • I'm loving Nick Offerman in this. and Kenton, so different from his role on the good wife. 
    in DEVS Comment by jhpark March 2020
  • There's a skippable episodes list for POI, but I personally recommend against using it. Each episode gets you a bit of characterization and relationship between the leads, and I think it's worthwhile to step through each episode. Maybe watch the f…
  • Breaking bad. Hank was on the toilet and I never watched what happened next. I did read synopses and listen to the pod I think. Just lost interest during the break.  I've been watching and enjoying Better Call Saul though
  • I just hope I'll be one of the asymptomatic carriers. Realistically, not having diabetes or hypertension, I'll get flu symptoms for a week and thats it. Unfortunately I run my own business so that would really suck. But I'm more likely to spread the…
  • Huh. I like Podcast Addict. I have no  interest in using Spotify for my podcast. Unfortunately, I'm an outlier with tech stuff, so I bet my opinion doesn't mean much.
  • Carpano antica. Or dolin. For either Manhattans or alone.
  • It's actually going to be over an hour  (at least including commercials). According to the most recent Poscast (Mike Schur cohosts a sports podcast with Joe Posnanski) It spills into the third half hour, and then the remainder of the 90 minutes will…
  • Will this be on Twitch again? If so my Samsung TV lost the Twitch app, so I'll have to figure out screen mirroring from my cell or something.
  • Shrug. I've noticed for years that bm podcasts are about 25% quieter than every other podcast I listen to. Don't think it's a recent development
  • I'm loving it. I know some feel this season has been less funny than previous ones, but I'm invested in the characters and plot enough that there's enough comedy to keep me laughing. I do wonder what the last 2 episodes will be about, but the show h…
  • I think it's on bm's end. Usually pocketcast or stitcher will have feed related problems if it's limited to a particular ap. But I've been seeing the same issue where firehose is updated but the individual feeds don't update on time.
  • it was part of the TV feed https://baldmove.com/tag/the-young-pope/  . They've expressed interest in season 2, I'm assuming some sort of coverage will be part of BMTV again
  • I love the scene where Bashir is telling him the story of the boy who cried wolf. Bashir says the moral is that you shouldn't tell lies.  Garak responds that the moral of the story is 'that you should never tell the same lie twice'
  • I like Craig a lot too, but my fandom of Bond basically jumps to him from Connery, bypassing Moore and Brosnan altogether, so I'm not sure how much that counts. I put on Live and Let Die (it and a few other Bond flicks available on Epix right now) b…
  • My image for  the 3RT episode was also for OWT, but then after it played it changed to a 3RT image, and then after that I made it reload from RSS feed and it changed to 3RT. I have no idea if there was a glitch in Podcast Addict or what...
  • So watching ep 9 is like how many of us watched ep 3? I get that...
  • I watched the first three eps of Stranger things, then listened to the corresponding podcasts. But there was a delay in the remaining casts, so I just binged through the remaining episodes and then caught up on the casts during the week.  But I'm a …
  • I'm almost done with it now. It's fantastic. It really hooked me around episode 4. Both the detective side and the victim side amp up then. I wish the two threads meshed better. They don't interact much and initially the switchovers were emotionally…
  • I suspect an SEO link bot. But who knows... I'm just suspicious by nature.
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  • Yeah... I'm in withdrawal already!
  • Flukes said: I've tried Podcast Addict a couple times. There were always little things that bothered me. For example, in Pocket Casts, when I sort by Release Date (95% of the time, this is how I like them displayed), it actually does it in two …