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  • 205 - "eps2.4_m4ster-s1ave.aes"

    I loved this episode, but reckon that Jim and A Ron hated it. The 90s half was great. The music for Angela and Darlene got me pumped up. The hacking was tense. The ending was emotional and sweet. 

    I don't get why people want Elliot to leave wherever he's at so badly. It's a show about hacking, but also, as White Rose clearly stated last season Elliot "hacks people" (whereas WR "hacks time"). The show is equally about the characters, how Elliot is changing them (indirectly) for his needs, and also dealing with mental disorder and loss. This show has never really been extremely plot heavy - it's been about Elliot. Sure he wants to change the world, but he's also dealing with another personality manifesting as his dead father, a man who Elliot idolises. 

    That said, I felt plot movement for Angela - her entrapment parallels Elliot. I guess it's up to Darlene to try and save them? Or maybe JOANNA will save one or both of them in order to tie her plotline back in with the rest - otherwise we're just waiting for the Tyrell revelation which could still go either way. ATM I'm going with Elliot killing him, and Mr Robot blocking Elliot's memories in order to spare him the guilt of murdering another person - he's taking the punches as Elliot's Stand.

    @EMAW42 Good on you for mentioning the Bojack episode. I feel like that's a show that doesn't get enough love :)
  • Suicide Squad (potential spoilers)

    I went through a goddamn cycle of emotions after watching this film. First was confusion, then anger, then intense sadness lamenting what could have been. Then I started creating better plots in my head, which made me feel a little better.

    But back to what we got - the plot was bad, the villain was bad, the characters were bad. The whole point of the Suicide Squad is to use villains as expendable soldiers, but when the villain is FUCKING MAGIC, and you've got Gunman, a girl with a baseball bat, and FUCKING CAPTAIN BOOMERANG on your elite squad, it actively made no sense. The villain should have been Joker or a more managable threat, because it's actually defeatable by the team. Enchantress should have won hands down - especially when their only metahuman threat was taken down.

    Another thing to point out is how badly characters like Croc, Katana, Slipknot and to an extent Boomerang were treated. Their roles could easily have been condensed down to one - although in this case, I would have just prefered to let Katana actually have more plot. This is (besides the terrible use of Jubilee in X Men) the FIRST REAL ASIAN SUPERHERO. Yet Katana is only there to be a plot device. Boomerang was useless (although him leaving in the bar was great, but immediately undermined by his sudden return). I literally could not understand Croc, and it's sad to see another minority character Slipknot, be the one to bite the bullet.

    Would love to have a go redoing this movie. 

    Also, SO MUCH STUFF FROM THE TRAILERS WAS NOT THERE!!! Isn't that false advertising??

  • 609 - "Battle of the Bastards" Spoiler friendly!

    The sound design for this episode was also amazing:
    • The music rises up when Jon is standing alone against the cavalry as a fake out to him dying - similar to Stannis' last stand.
    • When Jon gets trampled, the sound literally dies down with him, making it feel suffocating.
    • When Jon resurfaces in a Mhysa-esque shot, the music is lamenting and punctuated by groans.
    • When Jon stares at Ramsey, it gets going again, as if it's saying "Ahhh Shit! IT'S ON NOW!!! TIME FOR A BASTARDBOWL!!!!!"
  • OITNB - Season 4 Episodes 4-6

  • 607 - "The Broken Man" - SPOILER FRIENDLY!!

    Arya scene:
    I see it going two ways:
    1. It's not Arya, is Jaqen. He is using the cover of Arya's "betrayal" to test the Waif. He specifically said to her to not let Arya suffer, and so multiple Jon-esque stab wounds would not meet that requirement. In the end, Jaqen will turn the tables on the Waif for feeling vengeful, and allow Arya to go on her quest to Westeros. 
    2. It is Arya, and she's leaving an obvious blood trail right to her "lair". The setup of the Westerosi galavanting around town showing her gold, and then looking out on the bridge, is all done to bait the Waif. That way, when the Waif catches up to Arya in the dark, she'll be expecting an easy mercy kill but Arya can overpower her overconfidence.
    Either way, I'm sure that both Arya and the writers are smart enough not to let all of this training go to waste. Arya is getting to Westeros.
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