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  • Coronavirus / COVID-19

    MrX said:
    Chinaski said:
    anyone else having some crazy vivid dreams during shelter in place? i thought it was me, but i ran across an article online where 'it's a thing'. man, i've been having some wild dreams as of late.
    I can't quite remember the details but I had a weird vivid dream the other night involving a huge spider. Definitely not normal stuff for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    There's an article about this phenomenon:

    "Barrett suggested that the spike in dream recall is a side effect of the slower-paced lifestyle some non-essential workers are now leading. “Changing one’s routine dramatically often leads to more dream recall,” she says. Especially when the new routine involves more sleep." 
  • 507 "JMM" (Spoilers)

    I literally gasped when both Alexis and JIm said they knew nothing about The Little Prince. While it was written like a children's book, it truly is a masterpiece about what makes the fleeting human life meaningful. I can see how Kim is the rose to Jimmy/Saul, always so proud, never let her vulnerable side slip out. But deep down, she loves him and what they have together, and that's why she blew up on Kevin when he called Jimmy a lowlife, just as her rebellious reaction to a judge (or a DA?) basically said the same thing about Jimmy. Anyway, guys, don't dismiss something you have no knowledge of. BTW Kim was not wearing a strapless bra.
  • Last Movie You Saw & What Did you Think

    Pain and Glory

    The semi autobiographical film by Pedro Almodovar is so gorgeous, as you would expect from the auteur. It's also deeply moving and, at times, really funny. The tenderness of Antonio Banderas' performance is exquisite. Can't recommend it enough. If you're a creative person, go see it immediately.  

    What a stunning finish to a great season! To me, the world in Humans just keep expanding, and the stakes keep getting higher. It started with one ordinary family in season 1 but at the end of this season you see the impact of conscious synths throughout the country (if not internationally), and how people and the government react to them. There are questions and mysteries to be answered, but never the one-note "is this guy/gal a robot?" I really think @A_Ron_Hubbard will enjoy this show because a bunch of the humans here are actively trying to learn, be more compassionate, and overcome their prejudice, even if they come up short sometimes. Side note: I freaking love the way Mia runs. It's a small touch but the mechanical awkwardness is absolutely on point.
  • 205 - "Akane No Mai"

    Quick note on the title: Akane No Mai means Akane's dance. Also I think the word that got @A_Ron_Hubbard confused was Ronin, basically a Samurai without a master. Ninja/Shinobi is a different class of people who are mercenaries or assassins. They are for hire and do not have allegiance to a lord.