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  • Anyone else having Baldmove.com redirecting you to a shitty clickbait/ad-click page?

    Dummy said:
    Goddammit, you guys. You took away my boner pill ads! Now where am I supposed to find them!
    russianbots.com, duh.  :grin:
  • RIP Those Who Died In 2019

    Travis said:
    Also, he wasn't famous or anything but RIP to my old friend Ian Murphy who passed away and I went to his wake yesterday. Great dude, talented writer, musician, and general maker of things. Funny as hell and a really big heart. 41 is way too young.
    I'm so sorry for your loss. :heartbreak:  It's never easy to lose anyone, let alone a good friend and so young.  
  • The Weather

    I read today that with all of the rain that Cali has had this winter, we are now officially drought-free for the first time in like 6+ years!  
  • This Is Us- Season 3

    I am so not team Randall with this one.  He should have had open dialogue with Beth about them both finding a solution, not claiming that she give up on teaching dance.  It was selfish and insensitive for him to do so.  I have to wonder if they're divorced in the flash forwards that we've been seeing.

    I've been pondering what will happen with Kate and the baby.  In a recent interview (can't cite direct link - I read this info secondhand), she had said that this storyline is something that will not have been explored on network tv before.  Some people have speculated that her baby will have Downs Syndrome, but that was done on Life Goes On (not with the child as a baby though).  We see in the preview for next week that the doctor tells the family that the longer the baby stays inside to develop, the better and also, Toby tells the family that Kate's just been taken into emergency surgery.  He doesn't say in the preview what it's for though, so it could maybe not be for a c-section but for something else.  I've been wondering if maybe she goes into a coma during or after surgery and they keep her on life support, and decide to allow the baby to continue to develop in her womb while she's in her coma.   Another possibility is that she has the baby via c-section but since it's so early (8 weeks early), the baby is in the neonatal ICU for an undetermined amount of time.  In the flash forward, when Randall calls Toby, Toby is in bed alone with no wedding ring, and the opposite side of the bed is still nicely made - so, no Kate.  Either they're divorced, or she's passed, or she's in a coma and on life support at the hospital.   I mean, it could really be anything.  

    I definitely think Zoe will find out about Kevin's relapse and will leave him.  I don't know if this separates them for good though.  I really hope he gets back to meetings though.  I have to say, I love that they've taken this narcissistic character from the first season and have given him such complex emotions and insecurities and real issues to deal with.   And I hope we haven't seen the last of Nicky.

    Lastly - Mandy Moore's portrayal of Rebecca's raw grief in this past episode was heart-wrenching.  Seeing her really show that emotion all over her face, not being able to breathe, just losing it - I wanted to cry right along with her.   And the guy who hit on her at the electronics store was not right to ask her out at that time.  It had only been 4 months since Jack had died, and he even said "I've been meaning to reach out" - so then you ask her out when she's buying a video camera so she can film her kids' graduations on a day that she'd naturally be emotionally imbalanced?  Dude, wrong place wrong time.

    Really looking forward to Tuesday night.
  • The Worst Moment in A.Ron's Mario Career

    So, I saw this when it happened and, as a non-Mario player, I didn't understand what happened.  Someone help please?