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    Working from home today & started a season 6 rewatch.  Loving it so far.  And yeah, Mike Isabella is a dbag.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Thank you to everyone who commented & sent kind words, well wishes, & offers to help if they could.  I appreciate each of you.  :heart:

  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    gguenot said:
    @Michelle I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s loss with the fires. I was fortunate enough to have my home still standing, so I can’t imagine the horror they’re going through knowing they lost theirs. My heart truly breaks for them. 
    Thank you.  I’m absolutely crushed for them & am trying to get a plan together with my family here so we can maybe caravan to Chico next week with carloads of stuff for them.  I wish we could do more.

    I’m totally relieved for you and your family - the ‘not knowing’ must be so harrowing.  What an incredible feeling it must have been to sleep in your own bed again.
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    I've been staying far, far away from these threads.  Historically, I never do well with these.  And I also hate arguing online (with a couple of exceptions in the past where I couldn't help but to speak my mind).  But I am compelled to say something tonight.

    I found out about an hour ago that my cousin and his wife have lost everything they own to the Camp Fire in Butte County.  They are now technically homeless, but are staying with his daughter and her family.  I saw Trump's tweet from yesterday, blaming California's lack of forest management for these devastating wildfires and threatening to revoke any federal aid if Cali can't get it together.  So, first - these forests are federal lands as part of the US Forest Service/National Forests.  Guess who cut funding and essentially took away much of the ability to manage them in the first place?  Second - what in the actual fuck?   What kind of president human being shows such a public lack of empathy or sympathy or even neglects to offer one small word of solace to the thousands who have been displaced or who have lost family or friends to this awful fire?   I believe my exact words at the end of my reply to him were "Fuck you, you insensitive piece of shit".

    Can it be 2020 already?  And also, if I may ask, please consider a donation to the American Red Cross.  There are hundreds of thousands in our state who are in dire need of disaster relief.

    Edited to add:  he did finally tweet his sympathy and support of the fire victims, but it was 100% spin control.  Someone pointed out that it was written at what would have been 11pm Paris time (you know, where he was busy *not* making his scheduled appearance due to rain), so a) did he actually write it or did one of his social media lackeys?  and b) if he did write it, guess what? You made your true feelings known in your first post, asshole.

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  • Bald Move fan meetup! (North Atlanta)

    Awesome!  Looks like it was a great time!  :smile: