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  • RIP Those Who Died in 2020

    cdrive said:
    @Michelle I'm so sorry for you and your family.  
    Thank you. :heart:

    Sorry all, I didn't mean to hijack the thread.
  • RIP Those Who Died in 2020

    We lost one of my cousins today.  He was found this evening in his home.  We don't know the cause yet.
    He wasn't a celebrity, but he was a good guy and loved by everyone who knew him.  He and I had just had a conversation not long ago about our family, reminiscing about when we were kids and how much we miss our grandmother.  I hope he's resting peacefully with her and his dad now.

    Can this year just end, already.

  • Who Would You Spend Your Day With?

    (Credit to @Murderbear for this question, which he asked in this week's lunch thread.  I was going to add my choice as a reply there, but thought it would make an interesting thread on its own.  @Murderbear, I hope it's ok with you. :) )

    If you could spend one day with any television, movie, literary, video game or whatever character, who would it be and what would you do?

    My first instinct is to spend it with Marilyn Monroe.  A lot of people might see her as having been shallow, not very intelligent, just a dumb blonde Hollywood star but she was incredibly smart and very misunderstood, and labeled by people who only saw her as one thing & didn't really know her.  I'd love to spend a day with her in the height of her fame (mid to late '50s), just to sip coffee or cocktails and have a conversation about life and love. 

    If I have to pick an actual character though and not a real person:
    • Lenny (The Young Pope) - I find him to be fascinating.  It doesn't hurt that's he's hot.  I don't care what we do.
    • Sawyer (Lost):  Do I need to explain why? :wink:  I'd just hang out with him on the beach, playing in the water, soaking in the sun, drinking rum, exploring the island, etc.  Plus he's good with a gun and would keep me safe if any weird Lost stuff started happening.
    • I'd love to get coffee & walk around Central Park with the Sex & the City ladies.  No real reason other than it'd be fun. :)
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Officially put my two weeks in at work this morning. I am so excited to be hanging up the forklift keys for an actual office job. It's going to be a weird transition but I am so ready for it! After 12 years here, abusing my body and suffering in either extreme heat or extreme cold, it was definitely time for a change.
    Congrats!  That’s awesome!  Your body is definitely going to thank you. :smile:
  • Mad Men Returning To AMC

    I have always yearned (yeah, I said it, yearned :sweat_smile:) for their takes on seasons 1-4, especially the incredibly iconic and extraordinary 1st season.  I only get seasons 5-7 in my Apple Podcasts feed, so if previous season BM podcasts already exist for them, I'd love to find where I can listen.

    At any rate, I'm definitely doing a rewatch.