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  • 503 - The Guy for This (Spoilers)

    No Barry Corbin mention yet?  Fans of Northern Exposure will know him as Maurice.  He's aged a lot since then - I didn't know it was him until I heard his voice and verified on IMDb that it was him.  I'm glad to see he's still working.

    And yeah, the scene where Kim just lays it out to him stone cold with a mic drop at the end was everything.
  • The New Pope episode 8 - Spoilers

    Just watched the live recording of the podcast.  @Cecily talking about her Jude Law thirst is a whole mood tonight. :naughty:  Girl, you weren't the only one trying hard to see a reflection in that pool of water. :love:

    Oh, and the episode was amazing as always.  The entire funeral scene will remain one of my favorites of the series.  It was just beautiful in every sense.
  • Better Call Saul 5/01 - Magic Man SPOILERS

    Companies - all companies - need to experience change of some sort in order to grow (personally and professionally).  Nothing stays the same forever - it's a recipe for a slow death.  Bald Move is no exception.  Yes, it started out as just Jim and A.Ron - but it's grown since then, as it should.  While there is always a period of adjustment, it's also a time when you give that change a chance.  I think Alexis and Cecily are doing a great job so far.  :)
  • The 5th Annual Bald Move Awards 2019!

    Watching the live event now - looking swank, guys!  :star:
  • Stardew Valley

    I've been all about Stardew for a long while now.  I'm on Windows 10, game downloaded from Steam.  

    Fav crops: the ones that make me money!  Strawberries in the spring, blueberries in summer, cranberries in fall.  I created a game using the four corners farm, and the bottom two corners are full on planted.  I'm at about $1.4M and entering winter, year 4.  

    Fav townspeople:  Evelyn - how can you not love granny and her chocolate chip cookies? 
    Least fav:  Haley all day.  Can't stand her.  Shane is a close second, followed by Alex.

    Fav activities:  hmm, maybe the night market?

    Jojamart:  against!

    I like checking out other people's farm layout images occasionally for ideas, but my current farm is just based on a couple of local homesteads that I thought were kind of cool.  

    Also, if anyone's down to co-op, I'm in!