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  • What grinds my gears (today)

    Chinaski said:
    might be in Dallas in October.. so good to know haha :D
    Bring some of this and a bunch of camo. :tongue:

  • What music are you streaming?

    Travis said:
    Hi guys, maybe you can help. I made my wife a mix a while back and she's looking for more another one that expands on a certain section of it that isn't a terribly deep well for me. The songs that she mentioned really liking were:

    Massive Attack - Angel
    Sufjan Stevens - I Walked
    PJ Harvey - Down By the Water

    All of those songs have that sort of beat driven, kind of electronic, dark with strong vocal kind of through line. Bjork and Portishead come right to mind. I also grabbed an Alessia Cara tune and a Glasser song. Do you guys know any songs or artists in that vain that you would recommend? Thanks!
    My first thought when I started reading this was 'Portishead' but then you mentioned them, so... hmm.
    If she's into trip hop, I'd suggest:

    Hooverphonic - Mad About You
    Hooverphonic - 2Wicky
    Hooverphonic - Inhaler
    Hooverphonic - Wardrope
    Hooverphonic - Barabas
    (that whole "A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular" album is *so good*)

    Thievery Corporation - Lebanese Blonde
    Thievery Corporation - Un Simple Histoire (Rewound by Voidd) (get this mix - don't go for the original - it's too slow)
  • What grinds my gears (today)

    Hatorian said:
    When someone who is all pissed and starts to resort to calling you names, acts like a 5 year old then proceeds to call you a snowflake when the entire time your responses have been cordial, respectful and handled like an actual adult....


    “u can go fuck urself for even thinking that....and its hella sad that bcuz we dont agree u think ur above me dont say u dont bcuz u clearly do..

    U have a twig up ur snowflake ass....u should remove it”

    note: I never even implied or said I was better than this person. I simply disagreed with their stance on guns...
    The fact that they're using text misspellings on purpose ('bcuz', 'urself') is enough to annoy me about them (a pet peeve of mine - seriously, it takes all of 1-2 seconds longer to type out the actual word correctly), but I do agree with you.  It seems like they have quite the issue, and actually might be intent on starting an argument.  When it comes to those types of people, I just walk away (literally or figuratively, depending on the situation).
  • What grinds my gears (today)

    Chinaski said:
    i actually started looking into tiles after this last wallet fiasco. so yeah, if anyone has any insight on tiles i'm all ears.
    This one might be handy.
  • Did anyone stick it out and finish? (Vague description of element of last episode so MINOR spoiler)

    I just finished the S6 finale.  Taystee :cry: