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  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Noel said:
    Michelle said:
    Starting the planning stages of my bucket list vacation for next spring - see you then, England! :heart:
    Give us the deets! Where in England are you going? Is it your first time crossing the Atlantic? How long do you plan on being there?

    I’m excited for you. My first time in Europe was earlier this year and I had such a good time. I know it’s gonna be an awesome experience for you too.
    Thanks!  It'll be my first time in the UK and overseas.  I've been out of the country, but only to Canada.   I'm going for 2 weeks which includes flight time, so about 10 days actually in England.  So far my plan is London ->  Wells (maybe - it's my great-grandfather's family's name on mom's side & I have ancestors buried there, so it might be kind of interesting to see) -> Bath -> the Cotswolds (probably Stow-on-the-Wold) -> somewhere in the Dales -> York -> back to London & fly home.  This agenda might change.  I'd love to be able to see little villages in between so that I can see gravesites of older x-times- great-grandparents but I would be traveling by train or bus and on a tight schedule, so...  I'm very excited though. :smiley: 

    Any Brits or others who have advice to offer, it's very welcome and thank you!
  • What's Making Your Day Today?

    Starting the planning stages of my bucket list vacation for next spring - see you then, England! :heart:
  • What’s your concert history?

    Travis said:
    The best "I'm really seeing this and it's a special experience" was Elliott Smith playing at the Roxy acoustic. That dude had the magic and it was so apparent. I saw him a couple of times with a band behind him, but acoustic he really shined.
    Nice!  You were lucky to have seen him.  I think the Damien Rice show in SF was that for me.  He doesn't tour a whole lot and the entire set was just magnificent.  Between Damien's soul-wrenching vocals and songs to Lisa Hannigan's haunting backing vocals and Vyvienne Long's outstanding cello work - it just felt like one of those 'once in a lifetime' moments.
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  • Lost (spoilers)

    So, I just watched S2, E1 (Man of Science, Man of Faith) and had a thought.  Jack meets Desmond while running the bleachers at night after being frustrated over Sarah's diagnosis and not being able to save her from being paralyzed.  Desmond asks him why he's out there doing all that running, and Jack tells him about not being able to save his patient (Sarah).  Desmond asks him "but what if you did?" and "but what if you did save her?" (something like that) and later, when they part, he tells Jack "see you in another life, brother".  

    We know that Desmond can time-travel, per the 'Flashes Before Your Eyes' and 'The Constant' episodes.  Is it possible/plausible that the scene of them talking at the stadium the night Jack was running the bleachers actually happened *after* Desmond met Jack on-island?   So, Jack actually *didn't* save Sarah from being paralyzed initially, but then Desmond flashed back, had the conversation with Jack. then somehow enabled Sarah to be able to feel things/wiggle her toes?  He also says to Jack while examining Jack's twisted ankle that night, "you've got to lift it up".  And what did Jack need to do to the stone that was bring back the light in the cave and save the island in the final season?  He had to lift it up and place it back where it belonged in the cave- to allow the river to flow again and bring back life and hope. 

    Just a thought.  We all know that nothing in this show is just a coincidence.