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  • What music are you streaming?

    Chinaski said:
    Lots of the Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Had never heard of these guys... kinda lofi psychedelic stuff.
    nice! you ever seen Dig? the documentary about them and The Dandy Warhols? it's a good watch.

    Great call! I'm not one who has seen a ton of rock docs, but Dig is right up there with Live Forever as my favorites. Really great stuff.

    @cdrive Dude! Thanks for the heads up on that. I'm really hoping I'm free on 11/10. That's awesome!
  • U.S. Politics Vol. 7: A Dream of 2020

    Flukes said:

    BREAKING: Trump administration readies ban on flavored e-cigarettes amid outbreak of vaping-related deaths

    — CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) September 11, 2019

    Imagine if instead of 6, vaping was killing 10 to 12 thousand Americans each year? Now imagine Juul is Ruger, Remmington, or Smith & Wesson.
    This ban is so fucking stupid. It's my understanding that the deaths have been isolated to more off market varieties and if the deaths really are their concerns then why is it just the flavors that are being eliminated. People do realize that there is a fucking law on the books banning sale to people under 21, right? I understand that the whole vaping thing could use some better regulations, but this is so arbitrary and stupid. Grown ups like flavors too. What is their honest basis for depriving them? I use tobacco flavored stuff anyway, but I'm not a fan of the government saying I can't have something because of what flavor it is.
    Flukesken hale
  • Background listening? (lofi chillhop beats etc.)

    I love The Virgin Suicides Soundtrack for this by Air. 
    Also, total cosign on Godspeed You Black Emperor. Tortoise and Trans Am are a couple others. I also heard Dirty Three recently for the first time and they would fit the bill.
    In those sorts of moods I also found last year that The Leftovers soundtrack work is pretty great (though it may not fit the overall description quite so well).
  • Carnival Row S1

    @blue_sleeve I really need to watch The Terror and Chernobyl. They're on the list, but the mood has taken us to lighter fare (that and I don't know how much by the name at least The Terror would appeal to my wife). I will say that directly for me and I think indirectly for my wife, him being in this show and being fantastic in it (as always) has inspired a budding Fringe re-watch in our house. I was bummed at the realization that he wasn't in it as much as I seemed to remember, but I can't wait for him to pop up. 

    I'm started to work my way through the Expanse a few months back, but I didn't make it very far because my wife bowed out because the audio was super frustrating. It just took too much effort to simply understand what people were saying all the time. I was still into it, and I actually just turned it on for the first time in months last night, but I think I just need to restart it. Kind of lost the thread in the break. I forgot he had been in that too. Damn. He is awesome.
  • What music are you streaming?

    Any Ween fans out there? I am constantly listening to their album Pure Guava. Them and the Pixies, Surfer Rosa.

    also, MF DOOM is amazing!
    I never went hook, line and sinker into Ween (as many of my friends did), but I have a couple albums and I definitely like some stuff. You Fucked Up has always cracked me up as a great way to start an album. I've been pretty fascinated with the range of their material. I think the core of it was never enough to get me past enthusiast into "fandom." Tons of respect though, and I do dig some stuff quite a bit. I'm listening to Sarah right now, and that song is just beautiful.

    @cdrive Thanks for the heads up on Cornelius. I'm going to give that a look today.