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  • Travel tips- New England, Maritime Canada, Quebec

    asmallcat said:
    My perspective is someone who lives in Boston and has been to all the US places on this list, and 0 of the 

    It depends on what you like. If you like historical stuff, then NYC, Newport, Boston, Halifax, and Quebec City are likely must sees. 

    If you like art, then NYC is an absolute must see for the Met and MOMA. Boston has the Isabella Stewart Gardener museum, and the ICA (a smaller version of the MOMA) and the MFA (a smaller version of the Met). 

    If you like natural beauty, Boston and NYC are easy skips. 

    Here's what I know about each stop

    NYC - What is there to say? Best museums in the US outside of DC, great shopping, crazy expensive. Central Park gets bragged about a lot, but honestly, it's only impressive to people who live in NYC cause they never get to see any other trees or grass. 

    Newport - Most famous for its guilded age mansions, the Breakers being the most well known. If you are interested in opulent late-18th century architecture, it has some of the best. There's also a very nice ocean walk that winds along the shore in front of all the mansions. 

    Boston - Best historical city in the US. The Freedom Trail hits all the main spots and is VERY walk-able, especially if you skip the USS Constitution and the Bunker Hill monument. If you are interested in US history, Boston is a must see. If you are super into baseball, Fenway Park is a nice stop as well. If history isn't your jam, honestly, Boston is skippable. 

    Bar Harbor - A quaint, cute fishing town that has become fairly touristy. Most famous for it's natural beauty and Acadia National Park, which takes up the lion's share of the island the town is on. If you like hiking, this is your stop. If you aren't really interested in nature, you can take an easy day in the small town. 

    I haven't been to any of the places in Canada, so I can't advice you as well there, but I know Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are supposed to be beautiful. I also know (think I know?) that Quebec City was the site of the failed US invasion of canada during the revolution. 
    I forgot to cosign, regarding Newport. My wife and I spent about half a day in Newport on our roadtrip through the NE and did the mansions. It was really fun. We have sort of a disposition towards those kinds of things to begin with (historical and museum-y and nice architecture and gardens and what not), but it was definitely worth the price of admission for us. Granted we didn't do anything else there aside from eat breakfast and go for a really nice walk, so I can't speak to any other options, but we dug it.

    I'm super bummed that we missed Bar Harbor. Really wanted to check it out, but expanding the loop that high felt like it would mess up the driving to experiencing places ratio too much. Didn't make it higher than Portland in Maine (which was a super cool town to spend a day for what it's worth).

    For NYC, can't really go wrong in my limited experience. That said, you should be sure to go to the Whole Foods by Bryant Park and get the insulated grocery backpack. It's awesome, and apparently you can't get it around these parts. You will be the envy of Whole Foods shoppers and employees alike. Ha! Most people think you have to go to the fashion district to get exclusive NYC accessories, but nah. Just go to Whole Foods.
  • The Good Place (NBC)

    I want to be reasonable about it, and ultimately it's wonderful that they are going to end it on their timeline and on their terms, but NO!!! No! No! No! This is terrible news. The Good Place is a top 3-5 show going right now and we need more of it! I hate you, Mike Schur! I hate you, you wonderful, amazing, glorious, greatest sitcom mind we've ever known. You beautiful genius, son of a bitch.

    I'm positive this is the right call and it's so much better to go out where you feel like you should as opposed to just cranking them out to cash checks and keep the party going (particularly in the case of a show like the Good Place where so much of it's greatness rests on the intelligence of its scenario and serialized nature), but dammit. I hate this so much. Cash checks! Party on! 
    Teresa from ConcordMarci
  • AMC A-List

    Thanks man. That is super intriguing. We go to the Regal by us, but we do have an AMC really close (just not as good of a theater). I'm going to have to weigh this out with my wife. We only go to the movies a couple of times a year, but we've talked about wanting to go a lot more than we do. We briefly talked about MoviePass, but it sounded like there were too many conditions complicating things. Something as cut and dry as this may be worth revisiting. I'm so glad this thread happened.
  • Summer Vacation

    Noel said:
    Michelle said:
    Suntan oil, cold lemonade on ice, and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - sunbathing in my back yard at 6:40 pm.  Now it feels like summer! :sunglasses:
    Cold ass lemonade is THE best summer drink
    For me, it's an Arnold Palmer with ginger hibiscus iced tea and about a 65/35 ratio of tea to lemonade from the Veggie Grill. Oh man, I've never liked anything iced tea related, but that stuff is so crazy refreshing and delicious.
  • Travel tips- New England, Maritime Canada, Quebec

    MrX said:
    Travis said:
    We were only in Boston one time for a week, and I bet it's one of those things that's total touristy-ness and overrated through the eyes of locals, but goddamn those cannolis at Mikes were amazing. I thought about having them shipped to CA a couple of years ago, but I assumed I would screw it up with the DIY portion of the process and I didn't want to diminish the memory. Also reminds me that we really enjoyed Carmelina's which was nearby it. Think we did dinner at the latter and dessert at the former one night (though we hit Mike's a couple of times).

    Yup Mike's is the popular tourist choice, and by no means bad, but Modern Pastry right down the street is the way to go! The cannolis have a more delicate shell that balances better w/ the filling.
    Thanks for the tip! Hopefully we'll be back at some point to try them. Great town, and I'd love to have the ones that are acknowledged as better by the people who have more background to know more about all of the options. That's the tough part about just blowing through town, missing the less obvious gems. Yelp helps with that, but it can only take you so far. 

    Also, if you're a baseball fan it's kind of obvious, but Fenway is definitely the best stadium of the 6 or 7 that we've been to. It's just a fuller experience. Totally lived up to the hype. You can really feel the whole thing that I (as someone from in CA) resented until seeing games at Yankee Stadium (new) and Fenway about the game just meaning more in the NE than the SW. Totally different vibe in a really good way. Super fun and memorable.