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  • MLB 2019

    Oakland may be way better than the Angels at baseball, but the Angels are way better at saying they're from cities that they are nowhere near. So suck on that! The Angels are #1!*

    *in "longest distance from the city they claim to represent." 
  • Carnival Row S1

    Glad to see this thread and that people have been watching it. We watched it over the weekend and I really dug it as well. I totally agree with @blue_sleeve that this feels incredibly relevant now with the politics. Plenty of times where I felt pretty squirmy, in the way that I was meant to, and given the way they closed it out I'm really looking forward to see where they go. Really entertaining stuff.

    Dumb side note: when ever they mention Legolas' name I can't help but jump right to the Philo Pilo thing from Parks and Rec and picture Tom looking very distraught.
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  • What music are you streaming?

    @cdrive I just don't think I'll ever love Kim's singing (aside from songs like Protect Me You and Doctors Orders where she utilizes her voice in a more traditional fashion, which is pretty fantastic when she does), but that said this shit is groovy (not like peace sign 60s, "yeeeaaah maaaan" way but that the actual groove of the tune kicks all kinds of ass). I dig this.

    Oh, woops I listened on Spotify as opposed to the youtube and turns out I was on the wrong tune. I still dig the vibe of Sketch Artist (now that I'm listening to the right track), and I like that the vocals are on the mellower side. It isn't as "groovy" as Murdered Out, but I still dig the vibe of it a lot. These really aren't what I expected her solo stuff to sound like. Very cool. Kind of Reznor-y.

    Unrelated "hot take": Fuck the Beta Band (sorry if there are any fans, or if any of you are secretly in The Beta Band). I am so literally annoyed after listening to 2/3 of the Three EPs. There is such cool stuff in there, but it's so, so, so very wanky. When they're actually doing song stuff it's super cool and a really neat vibe, but it just gets ruined with all the wheel spinning. Ugh! I wish I just didn't like anything that was going on, but it's so much worse than that because in there somewhere is an amazing band that I really, really like. Fuck the Beta Band!
  • MLB 2019

    Chinaski said:
    Travis said:
    Today in the best of 1998 tournament it's PJ Harvey vs. Jurassic 5. I don't know how I'll vote, but I know I'm going to have a great time trying to decide. Great records.
    ummm.. excuse me sir. the music thread is down the hall, second door on the right.
    Ha! Shows you where my head's at today. I totally thought I was posting in there. I think more coffee is in order. (head slap)
  • MLB 2019

    Me sitting at my desk yesterday: Angels up 7-1. Nice! Win against Texas is useful.

    Me just now checking out yesterday's scores: DAMMIT!

    this is the life of an Angels enthusiast.