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  • Best Under the Radar Shows?

    Flukes said:
    I don't know if this is UTR given the amount of promotion I've seen, but I gave Upload on Amazon Prime a shot and I've been enjoying it. Robbie Amell is a better actor than I previously gave him credit for.
    I really dug Upload. Super charming and just a fun ride. That the Office/Parks and Rec tree just keeps on giving. I love it. I guess Greg Daniels has been developing it for like 30 years.
    Robbie Amell was a pleasant surprise. I remembered him from one of those CW shows (was it Arrow that he was on? I know his brother is Arrow) and never really thought much of him. Kind of pegged him as a replacement level "hot guy" but he was good. I came up with the joke watching it that they actually wanted to get Steven, but the role required that the lead be able to move his arms while talking so they decided to call his brother.

    For what it's worth, I do like Steven Amell. I actually think he's not bad, but that a super weird quirk that he seems to have. Bizarre.
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    CapeGabe said:
    Travis said:
    My wife and I set out to "check out an episode" of Upload on Amazon yesterday and ended up tearing up the thing over about 5 hours. It had been an incredibly stressful and exhausting week, but we didn't really mean to spend the whole day on the couch, but the show did it. It's by Greg Daniels who was one of the main people behind The Office so it's not too surprising that it would be just dripping with charm. It's really ambitious too. They aren't the same by any means, but I thought a bunch of times while watching it about The Good Place and how Shur gave us his big, bold idea, outside of the box show and here is Daniels'.

    One thing that I amused myself with was, with them picking Arrow's brother as the lead, was imagining Robbie Amell saying "they wanted my brother for this role, but luckily it requires talking and moving your arms at the same time so he was disqualified."

    Anyhoo, really fantastic, super fun show. I highly recommend it if anyone feels at all inclined.
    Also binging it. I'm halfway through. I like the idea and the world but find just about every character unlikable. I'm guessing that some will make the journey to be a better person by the end but it is hard to want to spend time in a world where I don't like hardly anyone.

    I can dig that. I was more charmed by the characters, particularly the leads, but my wife kind of split the difference between our takes from what I gather (her comment was that she really liked it, but "can you imagine if the performances were top notch instead of just "fine to good."). I'm not sure where the episode splits were, the whole thing is a bit of a blur for that aspect, but there may be room for the turnaround that you're hoping for. Thinking about where you might be I think there is some of what you're hoping for to come. Either way, I do hope there is a season 2 and if so the characters flesh out a bit more to pad that side of things though. Definitely a spot where they can grow. I really do like the concept a whole lot though. 
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  • What music are you streaming?

    HA! Thanks, buddy. I have fun. :-)
  • What music are you streaming?

    The fuckin' Go-Gos, son! 
    They came up on shuffle and it just demanded a record or two's worth. I now believe that the secret MVP of the Go-Gos is Kathy Valentine (bass). Never thought about it before today, but the bass always seems to be doing the right thing and it really sets their tone well. 

    Also, could it be that they were a huge influence for the Smiths, particularly with an eye to the rhythm section? I'm listening to You Can't Walk in Your Sleep, and aspects of it feel super Smiths-y.