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  • What music are you streaming?

    cdrive said:

    Travis said:
    Happy Friday everyone!
    Just tossing it out there, if anyone wants a playlist of "slow" songs and you have Spotify here is a growing list from this Top 50 Slow Songs (Mix Tape Rules) thing that I'm a part of on Twitter. It's pretty cool and the playlist makes for a pretty nice shuffle. There are around 20 people involved at this point. For what it's worth, "slow" is kind of in the eye of the beholder and there is no solid definition.

    Oh, and @cdrive I can now say that Billie is Bob Nostanovich's wife's favorite Pavement tune. Ha!

    Aww man that is one of their best songs.  “But you never looked hard at a fetus in a jar, you never seen your Mamma change” <—one of the heaviest lyrics ever.  

    Edit: whoever put I’m not in love by 10cc in that playlist is my Insta Buddy.

    I’d add  could I be the one? Off Al Green Is Love (chose it for our bride n groom dance)

    Also When Something Is Wrong With My Baby - Sam & Dave  (STAX Records for life baby!) 

    Right?! I love that line. It has to actively be a Doc Oc reference, right? Too specific to be a coincidence? That song is just so goddamn fun. 

    Of course I'll toss those in. Thanks for putting them forward, man.
    I'm pretty sure the guy who selected 10cc is either a musician by trade or a former one. I don't know him well, but he has good taste and is a really nice dude. 
  • What music are you streaming?

    Man, I totally forgot about that. I guess a couple of years go by and stuff slips. By all accounts he was super. That whole crew of people, and the one dude who knew him outside of it always said really wonderful stuff. I probably said this back then, but I actually hated the guy. The only time my path ever crossed with his, my siblings (all at least 5 years older than me) threw a party at our house while my folks were out of town. I was probably 12 or 13 and I rounded a corner to see this dude hitting a pipe and I thought smoking pot in our house was like the worst thing ever. "Who is that jerk doing crime in our house?!" Ahhh the innocence of youth. Ha!

    EDIT: I mentioned this a ways back, but it's developed into such a cool "radio station" for me over the last month or so with a whole lot of stuff that I'd never heard and often never heard of. In essence, it's a collection of about 10 people's "Top 50 Songs" posts as they are selected (1 per person, per day). Figured I would toss it out again since I'm having so much fun with it. ;
  • 2020 Secular Christmas Music Playlist

    I endorse the entire Sia Christmas record from a couple years back. 

    The Community Soundtrack is on Spotify and has Sensitive Night

    I told you about this one on Twitter, but I heard it again this morning and it's just too goddamn good.
    Of Montreal - Christmas Isn't Safe For the Animals

    Christmas classic... Dick in a Box

    Not a Christmas or necessarily a holiday song, but I've seen it on holiday mixes so...

    Christmas at Ground Zero!

    finally, Aimee Mann made a really good Christmas record a few years back. Worth a spin. I particularly like her Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

  • What music are you streaming?

    Looks like Elliott Smith won the year. Not shocking. I was a little surprised to see the Rural Alberta Advantage come in second. They're great but I never would have guessed. Shearwater, Fionn Regan, and Sharon Van Etten rounded out the top 5.

  • What music are you streaming?

    Michelle said:
    Travis said:
    I now realize that I have just listened to Folk Implosion's Dare to be Surprised album 3 times in a row without really noticing. It's so good. Been way too long.
    Is that the one with Natural One?  I used to be so into that song.
    It's on a release after that. Natural One was just on the Kids Soundtrack (awesome soundtrack, btw). If you like that track Dare to Be Surprised might work pretty well for you. It's got a different vibe. It's much lighter, but definitely comes from the same creative space. I only don't take that for granted because their other releases are quite different. The early stuff is really low-fi. It's some of my favorite low-fi music that you'll find, but it's a different sound and the last album (which is actually under "The New Folk Implosion") is a completetly different sort of a thing. Different band with a totally different sound. Also quite good, but totally different.

    Sorry, that was WAY more information than you asked for. I'd recommend giving Dare to be Surprised a spin and see how you like it. Insinuation is probably the closest song to Natural One in their canon.