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  • What would you like to see from Bald Move?

    Since they are moving now to ‘seasons’ of different podcasts I would personally love a 3-month weekly run on how oblivious we were as kids to tv shows in the 80’s-early 90’s and their cultural impact in today’s political climate.  No need for them to know every episode by heart but general themes to things like The Dukes of Hazzard, Hunter, Three’s Company, Diff’Rent Strokes, Good Times, etc.  Each weekly cast focused on one series they watched which can be supplemented with info found quickly on web. There has to be a goldmine in there when you think of how insensitive they were by today’s norms.
  • Podcast Wrapup - April 24th

    So if October rolls around and you start to get a Watching Dead itch, have you considered the most minimal time investment possible which I think would be: DVR show, watch it as a ‘live watch format’ but with no commercials and no feedback.  A lean 45 minutes in and out at your convenience anytime during the week after the show.  Or how about a kickstarter like drive where you set some crazy high goal to meet with the upfront understanding that if you do the show you will just drink a lot and completely shit all over it.  You could maybe still come out ahead without losing anymore time than you need to.  Love the watching dead even if I hate the show anymore it’s just like talking to two old friends I haven’t seen in awhile.  Thanks guys.
  • Podcast Wrapup - April 24th

    Any chance of a Watching Dead ‘special episode’ in the future where you do a single season 9a and season 9b wrap-up episode? (That is if you still watch show for yourselves) 
  • U.S. Politics the Third

    Once again McCain throws down the Stone Cold Stunner, this time on his BFF Lindsey Graham.

    I'm slightly concerned with him coming out so early against it that it gives the GOP time to 'flip' the other no the same time, maybe it takes the pressure off those other no votes knowing that it won't be down to them to pass or reject it.
    I don’t think Collins or Murkowski can find any reasonable way to justify this turd after voting no already but I don’t trust Rand Paul not to come up with some crazy last minute excuse
  • U.S. Politics the Third

    This is a pretty good reference on media bias. It probably thinks too highly of CNN, but overall it's spot on. 

    Per the graph scale there’s no way Fox should be anywhere between this page and roughly the orbit of Saturn.

    I say this as someone who's pretty far to the left, but the actual "news" hour of Fox News isn't all that bad.  It's right-leaning and conservative for sure, but it is fact-based actual news.  Now, their "commentary" - like Hannity and Carlson is bat-shit crazy, not at all fact based right-wing misinformation and propaganda but I'm guessing that whoever assembled that graph was basing each outlet on their news reporting.

    With Hannity, Carlson, DJT tweeting Fox and Friends every morning and every week is a new dick pic story it is nearly impossible to want to find the needle in that haystack, even if it was a diamond encrusted platinum needle