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    Perhaps we will see an alternate reality in The Man in the High Castle season 4 where North Korea and Russia have colonized the US and Trump is now just traded as the ‘Gimp’ for Putin and Kim Jong Un.
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    @devito99  Yeah there's no question the director's cut is much easier to follow, but to me that's what takes away from it, or at least would, on first viewing. The reason Donnie Darko became a classic that led to the director's cut being made is because of the bizarre experience of the theatrical version that didn't explain it that clearly. It had everyone talking about wtf this crazy movie was about. 

    Granted the core of what makes it good is unchanged in the director's cut, and the longer runtime lets it do a better job fleshing out other characters (which I didn't even notice at first til I saw the theatrical again afterwards). But to me it removed too much of the mystery that the theatrical cut leaves you with and therefore shifts the plot a bit. 

    And dammit the theatrical cut's intro song is 10x better.
    It's mostly just the podcast time-limiting thing. If you don't have to immediately record your thoughts on something and you have time to ponder there could be some things that dawn on you later that might make you want to re-watch it. When there's a ticking clock so to speak I'd hate for somebody to get confused halfway through and only realize what something might have been trying to say after the cast was recorded. Sure there are benefits to one over the other no arguments here. I've had 15 years though to check something out more than once. Just trying to make things as easy as possible. No factual arguments with you here though on your thoughts. Just a matter of time-limiting practicality. If only we had a Delorean.

  • Commissioned Podcast Line Up

    Thanks everybody, I didn't want anyone to doubt my commitment to sparkle motion.
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