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  • Picard – S01E10 – Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2 - Podcast Discussion

    They're so right about Riker being the MVP. He accomplished more in a single, offscreen conversation than Picard and the snakeleaf lady could in more than a decade. I wonder if they shot a scene with him and Admiral Clancy but it was just too hot to air.
  • Contagion (2011) - Podcast Discussion

    I try to skip their political stuff because it just gives me a headache, but they snuck it in at the end of here so I have a few thoughts:

    1. There's a lot of valid criticisms of the way Trump communicated throughout this, but blaming him because someone was stupid enough to drink fish tank cleaner is not one of them. They pretty much say as much and explain how what this idiot ingested was not actually the malaria treatment Trump was talking about, but blame Trump anyways.

    2. Aron states that "apparently" what what Senators Burr and Loeffler did regarding the sale of their stocks was legal. In reality, using non-public information to profit in such a way is directly prohibited by the STOCK Act. Loeffler has said that all decisions related to her portfolio were made by third parties without her direction or advice (similarly, Diane Feinstein claims that her stocks were dumped through a blind trust). Burr's much more ridiculous defence is that he was acting on publicly available information and somehow not using what he knew from the briefing. So while I wouldn't hold our hope for a prosecution under the current Justice Department, what he did was pretty clearly illegal.

    3. The apologism for China is mind-boggling. They arrested medical professionals for raising the alarm (we still don't know their fate) and continued to lie to the world by claiming human-to-human transmission was impossible when they had clear evidence to the contrary. They contained the spread of the virus with draconian measures that I'm pretty sure everyone would be appalled to see Trump even talking about. I really don't get the pivot to "ya, but factory farming is bad too."
  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    My wishful thinking prediction is that there is no god-like synth race, the "admonition" was just a bad trip, the fate of all biological life in the galaxy is definitely not at stake, and Picard gives everyone a good long lecture about evolving beyond primitive superstitions.

    Instead of a big messy space battle they all head back to earth to eat cake and discuss art.
  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    99% of what I have to say about the latest episode would be negative, so I'll just say I FUCKING LOVE BRENT SPINER.
  • Star Trek: Picard (Spoilers Included)

    I'm not saying that everyone's going to be an astrophysicist, just that in a world where there's no economic barrier to education and self development you might expect society to look quite different. And the promise of TNG and VOY was that this difference would trend in a positive direction. Whereas New Trek is presenting a future where people are still mired in greed, envy, addiction, deceit, ignorance, etc. That's totally plausible, but to me it seems like a waste of the Star Trek brand to just turn it into another season of the X-Files.