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  • Rick and Morty

    Ya, if you come to TV for morality plays, this is not the show for you. There are no life lessons here, and no just deserts. It's like Always Sunny; it's fun precisely because of the chaos of competing egos untethered to morality or decency. Rick is the ultimate manipulative asshole, but I would say that the presupposition of the show is that other characters are simply dumber or weaker-willed than him, not actually better. Any heartwarming moment of positive emotion is just setting you up to have the floor ripped out from under you so you can fall into the nihilistic void below.
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  • Emmy Nominations are in... discuss

    The actors getting nominations for Game of Thrones are all talented people, worthy of an award. But none of them (except maybe Christie) were given anything remotely award-worthy to do this season.

    If sipping wine and looking moody is "outstanding acting", I should have submitted a video of myself  watching the season.
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  • The Last of the Czars

    If you can't stomach murdering a few pampered children then you'll never be able to crush all the enemies of the revolution that are sure to stand in the way of your progress towards a glorious totalitarian state of privation and despair.
  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    I've been rolling my eyes at a lot of the feminist criticism of the show that seems to attribute generally lazy and dumb writing with deliberately underserving female characters. After all, we are explicitly told that Sansa is smarter than Tyrion, Arya is presented as more heroic than Jon, there are plenty for males like Joffrey and Ramsay who are more emotionally frail and evil than Dany, etc. etc. etc.

    But the one thing mentioned in a piece of feedback that got through my layers of male privilege was the observation that the show literally ends with Bronn talking about using Crown money to resurrect the city's sex work industry. That has to be a real gut-punch to anyone who was looking for a 'woke' ending.
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  • 806 - The Iron Throne

    chrisk said:
    chrisk said:
    I think the complaints about the North being independent and nobody else are a bit overblown...

    Theres a a lot of benefit to being part of the Six or Seven Kingdoms. Trade, currency, travel, etc... It’s the same reason countries have joined the EU today.

    ...Sansa’s the only one we know of who’s been making noise about leaving.

    Ya, this is one of many gaps in the last few seasons that it's possible to imagine a rationalization for, but NONE OF THAT is depicted on screen. There are many arguments or and counter-arguments they could get into, but no one even acknowledges it as an issue.

    I understand that some people don't care about any of this and just want to see their favourite characters power up and do cool shit, but many of us were drawn to the series by the promise that it was going to depict am expansive, immersive, rationally consistent world.
    The problem is I see any clear, expressed reason why these kingdoms would want to be independent, so for me them going along with the Six Kingdoms and Northern independence isn't even an issue. The North has been independent in the past, in the recent past, and it's been a spoken concern of Sansa's. For everyone else, my assumption is they're fine being affiliated.

    The Iron Islands might make sense, if you think an independent pirate society makes any sense in this world. Or you think they have a leg to stand on, which I don't. Dorne is the other one I've heard - their "unbowed, unbent, unbroken" motto hasn't kept them out of the Seven Kingdoms before and their main quarrel was with the Lannisters so I don't see any reason the kid who's left would be itching to leave either.
    I mean, they are, after someone brought it up spontaneously in a single meeting that was not convened for the purpose of naming a king, agreeing to be ruled by a crippled psychic boy they know nothing about, and administered by a dwarf and the heir to the great House that seized the throne, blew up the religious leader of the continent, the Queen, and various other heads of state, etc. etc. And who also served as second-in-command to the Targ Queen who burnt the capital to the ground. And killed his father.

    Because Bran broke his legs and then got a superpower that he failed to use against either of their enemies. That's a "good story."

    I know that we as an audience know that Tyrion and Bran are cool dudes, but they didn't make any effort to show why everyone else would.

    If you don't think that any of this is even worth bringing up, then I'll throw that in the pile of things stretching my suspension of disbelief.