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  • Emmy Nominations are in... discuss

    The actors getting nominations for Game of Thrones are all talented people, worthy of an award. But none of them (except maybe Christie) were given anything remotely award-worthy to do this season.

    If sipping wine and looking moody is "outstanding acting", I should have submitted a video of myself  watching the season.
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  • The Last of the Czars

    If you can't stomach murdering a few pampered children then you'll never be able to crush all the enemies of the revolution that are sure to stand in the way of your progress towards a glorious totalitarian state of privation and despair.
  • 805 - The Bells

    toncica said:
    josh1295 said:
    Did anyone else see the podcast appear in their feed as literally a 41 second ad and then nothing else?
    On my end the podcast doesn't play at all. Neither in my podcast app nor on the BM site.
    Weird. All I hear is them saying, "No Emilia Clark, we surrender! The Bald Move Studio is yours by right! We'll say it was the best episode ever!" followed by a bunch of explosions and screams.
  • 805 - The Bells

    Here's my headcannon for why Dany burnt the city:

    In Essos, she ruled with love and mercy. But still, she was constantly facing resistance. Love is fickle, and a well loved ruler can suddenly be despised as soon as food runs low or a dragon eats a child, etc. People can stop loving you. By contrast, if you murder a hundred thousand people on a whim, no one will ever stop fearing you.

    In Westeros, she tried the love route, but with less patience. Multiple personal losses pushed her to eventually drop a fear bomb that no one can ever forget. I think it would have been nice if, at the same time she was losing her children and advisors, news came from Essos that her greasy fuck buddy had also been killed in a revolt.

    That's my charitable read on what they're going for. But if I'm right, they still did a shit job translating it to the screen.
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  • 805 - The Bells

    chrisk said:
    One thing I'll add is that we basically did this to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She used her nukes.

    That comparison would work if you nuked them *after* Japan surrendered. The USA demanded that Japan surrender or face total destruction. Japan refused. They dropped two bombs, and then Truman ordered them to stop to give the Japanese some some time. So Harry Truman CONFIRMED non-Targaryan.
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