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  • Netflix: Another Life

    rhcoop said:
    mtron32 said:
    Whoever cut that trailer is a genius because that's the worst Netflix show I've ever seen.  I watched two and a half episodes because I wasn't going to start another show and just said fuckit and and went to bed, my dreams have better writing and casting than the trash I was watching.  It wasn't even the so bad it's good variety since none of the characters were likable, just a trash show.   
    I agree, I do like Sackoff, but I watched about 10 mins of the first episode and noped out of it.  It was aggressively pedestrian. 
    Sackoff got me to que it, but the rest of those actors were an instant repellent where my only pleasure was hoping she'd elbow the lot of them.
  • American Horror Story Season 9 - '1984'

    1st 4 seconds of the promo.......paused to come back here and say "I'm in day one" 
  • The Crown - Season 2

    Just started this show with my wife.  After 4 episodes, I can honestly say this show is fantastic.  
  • (Spoiler) Who Else HATED Stranger Things 3 ? A discussion on likes/dislikes

    Season 2 was better, it seems like the children have outgrown their roles.  It also seems as if El has regressed from where she'd grown in season 2.  Dustin's GF arc was dumb and ended with a cringe worthy long song at the worst time and Lukas's sister was pretty annoying.  Joyce should have had a smaller role this season but they insisted on roping her in based on some magnets falling from her fridge?  

    They would have probably been better off making this series an anthology tied together by the upside down but in different locations around the country; tons of 80s nostalgia to mine throughout the states.  Instead, they're really trying hard to find something for all these kids to do while shooting around those growth spurts.  Maybe focus on some teens in Santa Cruz or New Orleans?  

    Ah well, I'll watch season 4 when it drops but I'll keep my fast forward button primed.  I didn't hate this season but I had much less joy than the last two.
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  • Discussion for episodes 307 & 308, "The Bite" and "The Battle of Starcourt"



    The singing of The Never Ending Story theme might be my favorite moment of the series.

    I figured someone would like it.  Maybe since I half remember that movie that I have no nostalgia for it, but I thought that was the most cringe worthy thing in the series and was fumbling for the remote to fast forward it.  That really took me out of things.