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  • Netflix: Another Life

    Whoever cut that trailer is a genius because that's the worst Netflix show I've ever seen.  I watched two and a half episodes because I wasn't going to start another show and just said fuckit and went to bed, my dreams have better writing and casting than the trash I was watching.  It wasn't even the so bad it's good variety since none of the characters were likable, just a trash show.   
  • 805 - The Bells

    I was holding on as long as I could. I made excuses, and I was optimistic. I can't process Dany right now...

    But Jaime and Cersei? That's how they go? After everything they've done, no one actually gets to kill either one of them?

    I think I'm going to do it, I'm probably hitting that bankruptcy button.
    I hit that button the moment they ran out of book material, result: I was able to enjoy this bullshit on a purley episode 3 level.  Goooooood Khaleesi, let the hate flow.
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  • 801 - "Winterfell"

    I (my wife) fucked up and agreed to go to watch party.  Couldn’t hear it too well and people were cheering and talking. Definitely not doing that again, I just need low light and silence, no more watch parties
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  • Black Summer

    mtron32 said:
    I’m on episode 3 and I’m already yelling at the screen.  Why the hell would you split up and search every floor of the school?  Just gtfo and find another spot.
    Rose wants to search for the boy, Spears wants to leave. They compromise, by splitting up and heading to the exit in different directions, to see if they can find the boy on the way. What they don't realize at that point is that they can't leave, because there's a big group of psycho killer kids who have locked them in the school.

    The school is a trap. Team Spears were locked in as soon as they walked through the door (we see the girl resetting the door later). The bodies in the showers were the kids' previous victims. All the stuff the kids are sorting in the room is loot from the victims. The guy tied to the chair is the latest victim before Team Spears. There was no way to avoid the standoff with the kids or leave without help from the man outside.

    They could have tried leaving when Spears said to, I would’ve left all of them there
  • Leaving Neverland

    Yeah, it's a tough watch but I think it has firmly put those suspicions I always had about him to rest. He absolutely did this.

    I thought one of the most powerful moments was actually during the credits. Wade had mentioned earlier that one of the first times meeting MJ he told him could have anything out of his closet. And he took the Thriller jacket. THE Thriller jacket. And then at the end to see it being

    Seeing the pictures of him in his pajamas, hanging out in these people's homes while simultaneously being the biggest and most famous person on the planet was wild. That might have actually been the tipping point for me. That was when I thought "yeah, he's going to these lengths to get to these kids. He did this."
    I was kind of the same but still listened to his music till a few years ago.  The man had an amusement park in his front yard and I remember being a kid and thinking: "If I were as rich and famous as MJ I'd recreate the playboy mansion instead of six flags but maybe that's just me."